Any MS Access 2002 pros here?

  Elrond 18:59 07 Apr 2003

I have put together a database of rabbits for my girlfriends dad who breeds and shows them. I've set all the form out and it is fully functional. I have used macros to apply filters to the DB so for example my gf's dad can click on a command button with caption Dutch, and it filters all other breeds displaying only dutch. I have further filters for gender and colour. However they filter seperately. What i want to do is to be able to say click filter females to only show females then filter dutch rabbits to just show female dutch and then filter a colour. So in the end all that shows is for example Female black dutch rabbits. Currently i can only filter one thing at a time and not a few. Is there a way to link the macros to add up together. I hope you can understand what i am trying to achieve and thank you greatly for your time.


  Elrond 19:38 07 Apr 2003


  Elrond 20:25 07 Apr 2003

Outta luck?

  VoG™ 21:16 07 Apr 2003

If you're desperate I can offer a suggestion though I don't use Access myself.

You didn't say how you produced these macros - from scratch or by recording them. Let's say you have 3 macros called macro1, macro2 and macro3 then you could try typing in a macro along the lines of

Sub MySort

Call macro1

Call macro2

Call macro3

End Sub

If you could post the code for your existing macros it would help.

  Taran 02:54 08 Apr 2003

You can filter by multiple listboxes (for example) or pre-set queries and any one of a number of other methods in Access.

Effectively, each listbox you set up filters based on its contents and you build your total query out of elements from lists X, Y and Z (for example) to give the outputs you need. Your filters could include sex, colour, breed but could also include age and any one of a number of other things, if you needed them.

Since you will only ever have two sexes, that's a dead easy option to set up. I have no idea how many breeds of bunnies you have included in the database, but at some stage you will need the facility for the user to add more breeds as and when they are encountered at shows (or so I imagine). Likewise, colour, at least to me (being colourblind), seems a little ambiguous unless for show purposes the colours are divided into solids and whatever mixed colours are allowed.

Running filter queries is irksome to explain in detail and to be honest, I'm not sure there is enough space in this forum for a reasonable overview, and especially not since I'm off to bed in a moment. Compact and repair the database (Tools, Database Utilities, Compact and Repair Database) then Zip it and email it to me if you like. You already have my address from last time.

Either that or you can run some web searches for Microsoft Access along with the following fields;

multiple filter controls

using listboxes to filter a form

The above web searches will at least explain the nuts and bolts of things, but basically, each listbox in a multiple listbox filter refines your filtering to the point where it displays something useful and usable.

Whatever happened to the programmed version of this application ?

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