Any more drives? Windows XP + Asus

  beastieboy 12:35 07 Feb 2003


I have a Asus A7S333 (SktA DDR M/Board) motherboard. I currently have 2 CD drives and 2 Hard Drives which as far as I can see taken the available IDE slots on the m/b. Is there any way of adding another hard drive to the system?

Many thanks,

Janusz Jasinski

  jazzypop 12:46 07 Feb 2003

You can add an external one via USB2 or Firewire (USB 1 is too slow to be useful), or add a PCI card with 2 x IDE ports on.

  €dstow 12:48 07 Feb 2003

You can get a PCI card which allows you to have four more IDE devices click here

All my machines have one of these.


  beastieboy 12:48 07 Feb 2003

Cool, I already have a external USB 2.0 drive, but just wanted to check whether there was no way of adding another internal drive.

many thanks jazz


  beastieboy 12:49 07 Feb 2003

Does this mean the cables will be internal or are the ports external?

I think this may be a stupid question, but just would like 2 check.


  €dstow 12:54 07 Feb 2003

IDE is an internal system. Look on the click here I gave and you can see a picture.


  beastieboy 12:55 07 Feb 2003

Should have guessed! Just wanted to check, you wouldn't think I've a degree in Computer Science eh?

Is ther any other companies that do it? Any more places I can buy them from?


  €dstow 12:58 07 Feb 2003

I think mine were from Watfors (Savastore) who had them on offer some time ago. I've an idea that Scan do them and ebuyer. The chip on the cards is by "Promise" and they're sometimes called Promise controllers.

Not expensive!


  €dstow 12:58 07 Feb 2003

Watfors??? Watford of course!!

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