Any Experiences with NTL 321 Connection wizard

  woodchip 21:03 24 Oct 2003

This is becoming a Nightmare, I am on the above Dial-Up service as it is the only one I can really afford. But since the change of Dial-Up number and the change in PCA I am getting sick to the back teeth, well those I have left. The new Dial-Up connection works fairly well but I cannot connect now first time every time as I could, Plus it hijack's sometimes to the NTL Page and I have to press the Back button. I have used just the number but that is even worse I get wrong password or user name, try again later BT announcement. Ho Dear what to do next, It makes one feel like chopping ones self. Plus PCA Stop Go Site

  Pesala 21:22 24 Oct 2003

I wonder whether it is really too much to pay £17.50 a month for NTL broadband. I'm on a lower income than anybody I know of, but I still reckon it is well worth paying £200 a year for a fast connection.

I used to pay more per month for the 1p a minute service from OneTel and would never want to return to dial-up again. It really is only good enough for email. My friend pays only £5 a month for dial-up, but then he rarely uses it for browsing or downloading stuff.

NTL is fine as long as nothing goes wrong, but getting help can be difficult. I don't have a landline either, so waiting in the call queue is not an option. I just pray that it keeps working, which it does 29 days in a month.

  woodchip 21:34 24 Oct 2003

I pay BT a Quarter about £28, Plus £15 a month to NTL and Internet Free 24/7 the £15 is to use for normal telephone call's. So cannot get cheaper than that. Phone call?s are 3p per min anywhere in the country in normal hours 2p at evening and 1p at weekends anywhere in the uk

  woodchip 15:19 25 Oct 2003

So this thread was a NO NO

  albert108 16:09 25 Oct 2003

I removed the new software ( NTL dial up + XP pro) and inserted the dial up number into DUN starts 1470 0808.That works fine.
Then you will need to change your home page back because NTL puts NTL World as the home page on your browser.

  Legolas 16:20 25 Oct 2003

woodchip I dont' want to be nosy but what do you pay BT £28 for. Why not get telephone and Internet access from NTL.

  Legolas 16:25 25 Oct 2003

Just another thought if you are paying NTL £15 a month for the Internet why not pay the £2.99 extra and get B/B and pay your NTL phone bill separately, unless you are a heavy phone user this might be cheaper. Hope I am not being impertinent in suggesting this.

  woodchip 19:13 25 Oct 2003

If you read above I pay the standing BT line charge for telephone £28 per Quarter. On top of that My telephone calls go through NTL321 Service what costs £15 a month that is to use for normal Telephone calls, it is the standing charge for the 321 Service. On top of that I get Dial-Up service for Nothing 24/7 a year cost ZERO. I never go over the £15 on calls so that is the amount I pay for all my Calls and Internet Dial-Up £73 Per Quarter all in

  spargo 11:56 26 Oct 2003

I am also on the same system, it is a very competitive deal, the only limit is the usual 2Hr limit on connection time. I have installed their new dial up system and it works OK (Win XP Pro) although a bit intrusive. If you want to try your own DUN the correct No. is 147008089909877.

  Wak 11:59 26 Oct 2003

Are you in an NTL cable area?
If you are, you can get cable TV (basic service) for approx £17 a month, NTL 150K B/B for £17.99 a month and telephone charges for calls only (no rental charges).
At the moment I personally pay £26 for TV (family service + two special packs), £17.99 for 150K B/B and phone calls approx £6 a month. Total of £50 a month.
I also find the 150K B/B very suitable and reliable for normal surfing, e-mails, etc. (touch wood!).

  woodchip 14:52 26 Oct 2003


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