Any Experiences with NTL 321 Connection wizard

  woodchip 21:03 24 Oct 2003

This is becoming a Nightmare, I am on the above Dial-Up service as it is the only one I can really afford. But since the change of Dial-Up number and the change in PCA I am getting sick to the back teeth, well those I have left. The new Dial-Up connection works fairly well but I cannot connect now first time every time as I could, Plus it hijack's sometimes to the NTL Page and I have to press the Back button. I have used just the number but that is even worse I get wrong password or user name, try again later BT announcement. Ho Dear what to do next, It makes one feel like chopping ones self. Plus PCA Stop Go Site

  woodchip 21:34 24 Oct 2003

I pay BT a Quarter about £28, Plus £15 a month to NTL and Internet Free 24/7 the £15 is to use for normal telephone call's. So cannot get cheaper than that. Phone call?s are 3p per min anywhere in the country in normal hours 2p at evening and 1p at weekends anywhere in the uk

  woodchip 15:19 25 Oct 2003

So this thread was a NO NO

  Legolas 16:20 25 Oct 2003

woodchip I dont' want to be nosy but what do you pay BT £28 for. Why not get telephone and Internet access from NTL.

  Legolas 16:25 25 Oct 2003

Just another thought if you are paying NTL £15 a month for the Internet why not pay the £2.99 extra and get B/B and pay your NTL phone bill separately, unless you are a heavy phone user this might be cheaper. Hope I am not being impertinent in suggesting this.

  woodchip 19:13 25 Oct 2003

If you read above I pay the standing BT line charge for telephone £28 per Quarter. On top of that My telephone calls go through NTL321 Service what costs £15 a month that is to use for normal Telephone calls, it is the standing charge for the 321 Service. On top of that I get Dial-Up service for Nothing 24/7 a year cost ZERO. I never go over the £15 on calls so that is the amount I pay for all my Calls and Internet Dial-Up £73 Per Quarter all in

  woodchip 14:52 26 Oct 2003


  woodchip 14:56 26 Oct 2003

Out in the sticks, but got Broadband where I live, but too expensive unless you want to contribute.

  woodchip 21:49 26 Oct 2003

Yep all my own. Never mined I suppose thing can only get worse!!!!!Happy Landings Woodchip

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