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Any experience of Southern Electric for broadband?

  stlucia2 19:07 27 Nov 2014

I'm currently with AOL for my broadband, but they've recently increased their price by about 30%, so I'm looking to change. I've just found that my gas, electricity, and phone provider, Southern Electric, can also offer me broadband at a very good price.

So, has anyone out there got any good or bad experience of Southern Electric as an ISP please?

I get my broadband through the regular old-fashioned telephone cable, and am not interested at the moment in changing over to any "bundle" that the fibre-optic guys are selling.

  SparkyJack 10:21 29 Nov 2014

My guess is SE is not a 'true' ISP but selling on from a major operator.

AOL is in fact 'talk talk' so take a look at TT's new joiners offers . 'Plusnet-a BT brand are making some a attractive offers too.

A Googlefor best broadband may also turn up some 'goodies'

  Ian in Northampton 10:36 29 Nov 2014

SparkyJack: with all respect, I wouldn't touch TalkTalk with a bargepole. Everything I hear tells me they're rubbish: their low prices are what bring people in, but their customer service is supposed to be pretty poor. For me, in terms of speed/quality, all broadband providers are pretty much the same - it's the customer service that differentiates them. That's why I've stuck with PlusNet: there are cheaper options out there, for sure, but when things go wrong, they're excellent (and their call centre is in the UK).

  spuds 10:50 29 Nov 2014

I suppose SE are like a number of other Internet Service Providers, and use BT for the main infrastructure via another party, so in fact are just acting as agents.

What I would suggest is that you look on the internet at some comparison websites, for the information you require. These are usually updated on a regular basis, providing details of cost and possibly customer input.

Ian in Northampton - I have TalkTalk, and have used it from the days of Lineone, Tiscali now TalkTalk. On a number of occasions I have seriously considered moving to another ISP, but in the end its always a case of the 'devil you know', because I have found in the long term, TalkTalk are no different to anyone else, especially if the problem lays with the BT infrastructure. Yes their customer service could be far better, and on two occasions I have had to go to the top (Dido Harding) were she got involved, and the problems were taken up immediately.

  stlucia2 11:54 29 Nov 2014

Thanks for the input.

I've been with AOL since I started with broadband, back in the '80s I think, and they've been fair enough, but they seem to have become less user-friendly since they were taken over by TalkTalk. As I said, the main trigger for me wanting to change is their increase in monthly charge, coupled with the fact that Southern will give me the same thing for free for the first year and then only £8 per month thereafter.

I appreciate that Southern are probably only an agent for some other big supplier, but I reckon that their service quality will be no better or worse than what I'm getting at the moment, given that the signal will be through the same telephone line and, presumably, the same exchange as at present. My experience with their customer help line for utilities and phone is good.

Anyway, I've started the ball rolling by asking AOL/TalkTalk for a MAC code. Finding how to do that on their web site was a struggle, and I eventually resorted to putting it in as a "Billing" query through the standard form on their FAQ page. Just waiting for a reply now, but not holding my breath. I've read scary threads here about problems people have experienced getting one from TalkTalk.

  hastelloy 11:59 29 Nov 2014

Have a look at the first 3 links here: Zen Internet. I've been with them for several years and have no no problems.

  spuds 12:14 29 Nov 2014

"for free for the first year and then only £8 per month thereafter"

But I would assume that in twelve months time, line rentals and further increases might be in the pipeline, which might be mentioned somewhere in a long list of terms and conditions.

What is generally mentioned on forums, is the fact that it might be a good idea to contact your present ISP, and suggest that you are leaving for a better offer from another ISP. Sometimes your old ISP will also make an offer to keep your custom.

  SparkyJack 13:18 29 Nov 2014

Tan read my post again

I was not recommending TT but simply pointing bot as mentioned later that AOL in the UK is TT

Ultimately of of course with exception of Virgin the entire network is owned and run by Open reach( a BT subsidiary)

Switch to say any provider's fibre offer and it will be 'Open reach' that will do installation.

Most cooectivity problem are down to traffic volume .

Theconlyvway round that is to set the alarm for the small hours whilst he rest of us sleep.

  spuds 13:31 29 Nov 2014

SparkyJack - have you tried using the internet in 'the small hours', especially when places like the USA are taking command.

Not so much the small hours, if you call 12.30am/2am the small hours when I have a final look-around, before I usually now retire to bed, but even the PCA website can be like wading through treacle with 'waiting for' at those times.

  SparkyJack 15:08 29 Nov 2014

Are there you are-even you night owls are not immune.

Too busy zzzzing me to know.:-)

  stlucia2 20:31 29 Nov 2014

spuds, I've been paying line rental to SE for many years now with my telephone contract, same price as BT, and no surprises so far. And their customer support is UK based so far as I can tell.

I contacted AOL a few years ago (maybe many years ago) to ask for a better price and, if I remember correctly, they reduced my monthly fee by about £2. I can try again, of course, but I think I'll wait to see what their response is to my request for a MAC code.

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