Any experience of MightyFax?

  stlucia 12:48 08 Dec 2005

A while ago I needed to send a fax so I Googled and found MightyFax. Downloaded the 30-day fully-functional trial, and used it. It seemed to run like a dream -- scanned the message in, found my dial-up modem, connected, sent the fax, received acknowledgement codes, etc., etc., and filed the message in the "Sent" folder.

When I got to work, where the fax machine is that I sent to, the fax hadn't arrived. Tried again yesterday, seemed to send okay but no fax arrived at the other end.

Any ideas, please?

Or more to the point, can anyone recommend a straightforward preferably free fax software?

  PaulB2005 12:51 08 Dec 2005

For technical questions, email support @ rkssoftware . com (Remove the spaces)

  pj123 13:22 08 Dec 2005

I use Supervoice which normally comes free on most Modem install CDs. Check your own modem CD and see if it is on there. If not I have a couple of old Modem CDs not being used anymore. email me via the envelope and I will post one out to you.

  stlucia 13:43 08 Dec 2005

Good point, pj123. I should check my (US Robotics) modem disks.

  Stuartli 13:50 08 Dec 2005

First thing. If you are on broadband you can't send faxes. You require a dialup fax modem.

Secondly, if you have a suitable modem, all versions of Windows have an excellent fax utility. You may need to install it from Add/Remove Programs>Add/Remove Components - it's the Fax Console in XP - and you will probably need the Windows installation disk handy.

  stlucia 14:32 08 Dec 2005

I've got a dial-up modem and it was detected by the software, and I could hear it dialling and the "replies" from the receiving fax machine.

I'll look at the Win XP Fax Console tonight. Thanks, Stuartli.

  GaT7 14:33 08 Dec 2005

This is a free fax service click here - one can use dialup/BB. You can send text-only faxes. Never tried it myself, but worth a try I suppose.

I recently suggested this to someone else at the forum, but they didn't get back click here - a few other alternatives mentioned as well. G

  stlucia 08:11 09 Dec 2005

PaulB2005, I've emailed technical support already, and they've come up with no suggestion except maybe the receiving fax machine stores faxes in memory instead of printing them. I've checked, and that's not the case.

Stuartli, I installed Win XP fax console last night. Seemed to go okay, no errors reported, re-booted when finished, but the fax menu is "empty" when I go to it. Must be related to other problems I'm having (see my thread on Critical System Errors), so I'll have to abandon this until the other problem is sorted.

  stlucia 15:29 13 Dec 2005

Must have been something to do with my other PC problems, though it seemed to be running correctly. I've tried it again today, and it does exactly as it promises.

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