Any experience of this host ?

  geoff47 01:25 24 Mar 2011

I am about to change hosts and have been searching for the best deal.
Has anyone any knowledge of this Host ?
Unlimited web hosting at £2.75 per month seems far too good to be true, and as they say if it appears to good to be true it probably is.

I have looked around the web for reviews and am still unconvinced.

  geoff47 11:27 24 Mar 2011

I have been with Web mania now for some time, and recently couldn't find my site for a short period, a day.
That in itself is nothing to worry about, but they didn't give me any notification about it, but now I am due to renew I am getting daily emails.
Anyway, I did a google to check some reviews of them and it was not good.

Now, about Unlimitedwebhosting doing the same search, I got the impression the reviews may have been manipulated, some were similar on different sites, so got an uneasy feeling about them.
This may not be scientific research, so thought I would ask here, to get any unbiased views.

  adam32 16:31 29 Mar 2011

Your server was down for a day?! That's not a short period in this context: that's far too long.

Regarding notification: try one of the monitoring services, like "Are My Sites Up?" That would be free for what you need and it's popular. Although I have say that I've never received a notification about my server, simply because it has never been down for long enough. But not needing to check it is nice.

Regarding your question: I would follow my gut if I were you. I suspect that you're not confident about this one, otherwise you wouldn't ask about it.

Someone once pointed out to me that there's no such thing as unlimited and such packages that claim to be so tend to attract heavy users who want it cheap. That, of course, can hit your site's performance and reliability on shared space because shared space means shared bandwidth and CPU time as well. Better, they said, to pick a package that matches your usage and take an upgrade if you ever need it.

"Cloud platform" is another term for distrubted web services and content delivery networks, like Amazon S3. Useful if you need it and can afford it; mostly irrelevant if you don't. Though it is always helpful to make use of freely available platforms for things like jQuery, e.g. Google Code. That frees up a bit of bandwidth without extra cost.

  geoff47 17:22 29 Mar 2011

I cannot say with 100% accuracy that the site was down for a whole day,when I checked it was down and later on it was still down, maybe hours later.
What I didn't like was, they didn't notify me.
Then I did a search and found they had some bad reviews, which sort of made my mind up to change, being that everything was up for renewal.
I have now swapped hosts, but to prove my previous host was not the best, my requests for a change of IPSTAG,(whatever that is) has had no response after three emails and their live support has not been online when I have visited the site.
The new host's Cpanel is far better, and the cost is similar. I don't need unlimited, probably need the minimum possible.

I have had a site of sorts for a couple of years, but know very little about the technicalities, so look mainly for price and service.

  adam32 17:32 29 Mar 2011

It's quite normal, I think, not to be notified unless it's because of maintenance. The very occasional outage of a few minutes is just about acceptable, but not any longer than that. Most hosts give an up-time guarantee, usually 99%, from which you can imagine how much downtime is considered tolerable.

IPS tags are used by hosts to manage the domain name system; specifically, when a DNS transfer is required. I wasn't sure, so I looked it up just now.

I much prefer service, reliability, and performance (very important indeed) over price.

  geoff47 18:42 29 Mar 2011

They were my first step into hosting, so have nothing to compare with. They have been very helpful when I have had questions before, so I have no real reasons to complain.
At some time I have stumbled on bad reviews about them and have forgotten about it, but coming up to renewal and the email everyday to renew before 18th May has become irksome, so I searched about for alternatives.
The host I have changed to requested me to ask for the change of IPSTAG and my emails of the 26 and 27 have only got the standard auto response and the suggestion to try Live Help if it was important, which has not been working, so no joy there.(Plus another email today at 2.00pm)

As I say I have had no problems previously, just reporting the events of the past few days.

I shall give them another day to reply then go directly to Nominet to change the ISPSTAG

  DippyGirl 23:04 29 Mar 2011

I have been using it since last summer
Got a free domain
Very low traffic (probably just me!) - I am using as a learning thing
You can run multiple domains from the 1 account (ie same control panel )
Many apps available and easily installed, eg Joomla wordpress, email
Support is very good and responsive (not spoken to anyone but virtual help turns around in hours - dont know if that is standard but for my needs it is good )
Control panel is a bit different to CPanel but usable
Probably the kiss of death - but I am very happy

  geoff47 12:13 30 Mar 2011

Still no reply about my request to change IPSTAG despite four(4) emails......but another two (2) emails today reminding me the renewal of hosting and domain registration is due........before 18th of MAY.....yes MAY.......I hadn't realised it was over a month away.

I am not knocking,just reporting.

  adam32 15:42 30 Mar 2011

A response in hours is a lot slower that it should be, I think. A lot of the time, it wouldn't be too important, but I can imagine what it's like if you have an urgent query, with an answer that might be critical to the site's function, and you're losing potential customers. I'm not in that position, thankfully, but my host has always responded in less than a half-hour.

I wonder if there is any obligation on your host to sort out the IPS tag in a certain time, or at least in a timely fashion. Like broadband companies have to provide MACs in a certain timeframe. If I were you, I'd check the small print from your host and also try to find out if there is any recommendation from an industry body. I'm not sure what that would be: it might be covered by whatever body deals with broadband ISPs (technically, web hosts are ISPs, right?) or there might be some voluntary membership body for web hosts. Not sure, but might be worth some research.

  geoff47 16:15 30 Mar 2011

I have gone directly to Nominet, apparently we website owners are ALL members, they are THE authority.
I supplied them with the email I used when registering the domain originally, they sent me a password for my account, I then changed the host associated with my domain for a charge of £12.
My site is still 'up' on Web Mania,Live Help is still unavailable and I have not had anything other than an automated reply.

I can understand changing my domain away from themselves is a negative to them, but it is unprofessional to ignore my emails, this thread would have died off by now if they had acted promptly. They have a line on their site "No we do not charge for releasing .uk domains to another TAG Holder"
So logically I have now two sites on two different servers with two hosts until my hosting expires May 18........what affect will that have with Google ?

  adam32 17:21 30 Mar 2011

With Google? Duplicate content, and the search engines' identification of what is called the "canonical" version of that content, can be a tricky issue.

But for you, it won't be a problem at all as far as I can see, because your domain name (and, I assume, the site's directory structure) has not actually changed. So you won't need to do anything about that. Search engines don't care if you move to another host, though I'm certain that they can see such changes.

For the record, if a change of domain name had been involved here, it would be very easy to fix with a 301 redirect (Google that term if you're not sure what it means) placed in the .htaccess file of the old server. It is possible to write a redirect that effectively points all possible URLs at one domain name to equivalent URLs at another. But that, as I say, is academic in this case.

Basically, once you're happy with your new host and the setup, you're OK.

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