Any Excel Gurus out there?

  Confab 14:04 07 Feb 2010

I hope someone can assist me with an Excel problem that I have. I’ve been trying to get my head around it for days but just when I think that I have found a solution the formula returns something that I don’t want it to.

Basically my problem is this. I have some dates- say
Date a Date b
1 01 Jan 2010 to 31 Jan 2010
2 01 Feb 2010 to 28 Feb 2010
3 16 Feb 2010 to 28 Feb 2010
4 20 Mar 2010 to 15 April 2010

I want to be able to input a date range say 15 to 19 Feb and Excel returns the two items above that include all the dates within that range- so 01 Feb to 28 Feb and 16 Feb to 28 Feb. I’ve tried using

=IF(OR($L$4 =G11,$L$5>=H11),E11,"0.00")

Where L4 is the cell where I have my first date 15 Feb , G11 is date a, L5 is 31 Jan and H11 is date b. The formula sort of works but if I try earlier dates say 01 Feb 09 to 28 Feb 09 then I get the wrong result.

Thanks for any assistance

  VoG II 15:20 07 Feb 2010

I suggest that you ask the gurus at MrExcel click here where you can use Excel Jeanie click here to post a shot of your sheet.

  Confab 16:31 07 Feb 2010

Thanks VoG™. Will try there.


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