Any Eircom (as ISP) users out there? How do I....

  polymath 21:01 02 Oct 2003

How do I add a second email address for my account? (Pay-as-you-go dialup). Or can we only have one address now?

About a year ago, I could do it at Eircom's website, but the name I tried for my husband was taken. I've been trying again recently (now he's chosen another name). But I can't find any way on the website.

What I used to do was click on the Mail tab at the top of the home page, then I got the option 'More email addresses'. The site's been redesigned, and doing the same thing just gets into a web mail department.

Asking for FAQs about email required choosing an OS and mail client first (Win98 & OE6 for me). Just doing that got 'No FAQs - try refining your query'. (?)

I emailed their support people, asking if I can still have more than 1 address, & if so could they point me to the page, but they emailed back that there was no email support for free customers. (Yes or no would have been helpful!)

I'm trying here before ringing their helpline at whatever per minute (and without being able to be connected to their site at the same time)

  polymath 21:06 02 Oct 2003

I forgot to say I know what to do at the Outlook Express end - it's getting through to Eircom that's the problem.

  polymath 21:02 03 Oct 2003

Many thanks, MAJ and Kitz E Kat.

I followed your link, and it's certainly closer to what I was looking for than anything I could find on the Eircom site!

But it looks as if it's for changing an email address, rather than adding one.

The new account sounds a good idea if I can't find a way (assuming we can have more than 1 account with the same phone line). But I was hoping to keep it simple and share the password. (We don't have secrets between us anyway, and hubby's proposed IT education is best started simply!)

  polymath 20:11 04 Oct 2003

Yes, Kitz E Kat - so I found, but have only just checked my mail & found your latest responses (should have done that 1st!).

I rang Eircom's helpline this a.m., & the fellow confirmed I can have more addresses, & dictated the URL in question immediately I asked. They're having to do that a lot at the moment, apparently; I wasn't alone in not being able to navigate to the page. It's not careless site design - it's just not quite completed yet.

It was indeed the same page as your link. I think the info on their new page is ambiguous, and it looks as if it's for changing the main email address. But I did it, and was then still able to get mail to my address as usual. I've sent an email from hubby to me, so far (I haven't received/found the one I sent from me to hubby, but that just needs some settings in OE I expect).

Thanks for your help.

ps. Why can't all helplines be like Eircom's? I've used it several times in the last 2 years, none (bar maybe this time) about things that were Eircom's fault. Nobody's been stumped, or left me hanging on to consult someone else, or wasted phone time (they seem to speak as fast as you like!)

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