Any decent ebay bidding programs

  WhiteViper 21:26 26 Mar 2006

I've heard there are programs available to buy that will bid on ebay for you at the last possible moment (sniping I believe they call it !) up to your set limit.

As I'm rubbish at getting my bids in on time I think this sort of thing could be really useful for mer.

Could anyone tell me if they have used these programs, if they actually work and any recommendations for the best (or ones to avoid)


  Minkey1 21:56 26 Mar 2006

Ditto - just lost 2 in the last couple of seconds...

  octal 23:37 26 Mar 2006

I'm not really sure why you need a program. If you've got a realistic figure in mind of how much you are willing to pay, then enter it in. I've won quite a lot by doing that and by being realistic with your bidding defeats the snipers.
Please don't take this the wrong way but people try and expect a bargain on Ebay all the time and complain when the snipers bite. Put yourself in the position of the seller and ask yourself how much would you be willing to sell that item for? Once you've decided enter that bid in, that's all those programs do, but they have the advantage of bidding for you at last second without showing their hand so as to speak. I'm not having a dig, I'm just pointing out a fact.

  g0slp 07:57 27 Mar 2006

when 2 or more people are using such programs bidding for the same auction?

I've noticed eBay's site throwing a wobbler occasionally recently - perhaps these programs are to blame?

  dms05 08:07 27 Mar 2006

Try this free bidding web site click here When you've registered and log on ignore the first page that tries to sign you up for their paid for service and go to page 2. You nominate your highest bid and it places it 10 seconds before the end of the auction. If you are outbid leading upto the end of the auction they email you so you can amend your bid (if you want). I've used it a lot and it's very good. The paid for service places the bid later (ie 2 to 10 seconds) depending upon your level of subscription.

  rmcqua 08:44 27 Mar 2006

for a long time, and have managed to win some last minute bids that I am pretty sure I would have lost without it.

  JayDay 09:01 27 Mar 2006

I use Hammersnipe click here. Useful because sometimes I'm at work, or away when the auction ends.

  octal 10:42 27 Mar 2006

I must be missing something, it says in Hammersnipe it will bid in the last ten seconds for the free version click here surely if you put in a sensible bid in the first place you will still win! And ten seconds on Ebay is an eternity.
I've just recently purchased four different brand new items to a new value of £400 which I paid a total of £85 and I beat the snipers every-time, because I was willing to pay a sensible price for them and I still won them for less than my maximum bid.

  €dstowe 10:43 27 Mar 2006

I wonder what happens if a hundred bidders for an item use a sniping program?

  JayDay 10:46 27 Mar 2006

LOL - A colleague at work was bidding for an item against his wife. He was at home and his wife was at work, they spent the morning bidding against each other! Finally his wife gave up and he phoned her to announce he had won the auction. You can imagine the response.

  octal 10:47 27 Mar 2006


good question.

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