Any Corel Painter fans on here?

  kimtrnc 08:30 28 Sep 2011

I have fallen in love with this software - makes me feel like a "proper" artist.... Have a problem, though - I work for hours, and am pleased with what i have done, but when the artwork is completed and sent to folder on computer, the drawing I have done is very small.

Anyone tell me how to fix this, please?

I have tried all sorts of Painter tutorials, but none addresses my problem. TIA Kim

(PS. anyone who can sort this can have a FREE copy of my amazing Masterpiece.......

  northumbria61 12:11 28 Sep 2011

The only suggestion I can make would be to contact UK Corel Support Tel:0800 376 9272 - they should have a simple solution for you.

  Graphicool1 12:11 28 Sep 2011

Hi kimtrnc

I don't actually use Corel, my choice is...

'Autodesk SketchBook Pro 2011'

I think you'll find if you adjust the Paper/Canvas size (before you start a picture), the size of you finished work will be adjusted accordingly.

Wherever you have to go ie: File/New - or - Edit/Preferences/Canvas or in my case under the heading 'Image'.

Experiment with the different paper sizes on offer. Write or draw the paper size on each corresponding size sheet. Then save them and open them elsewhere, this way you can't forget what the paper size was that you used.

As for the freeby, it's very kind of you to offer, but with all due respect I'll pass on that thank you.

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