Any comments please?

  Sheila-214876 14:46 24 Feb 2004

Just had the following email:

"There appears to be a problem on this page of your site.

On page click here
when you click on "Gites",
the link to click here
gives the error: Not found.

As recommended by the Robot Guidelines, this email is to explain
our robot's visit to your site, and to let you know about one of
the problems we found. We don't store or publish the content of
your pages, but rather use the link information to update our map
of the World Wide Web.

Are these reports helpful? I'd love some feedback. If you prefer
not to receive these occasional error notices please let me know.

Roy Bryant"

I have checked all the links on this site and they are working perfectly. The site is click here and the link is only on the English page at the moment. Is this another attempt at a scam or is it genuine?

  Chegs ® 14:50 24 Feb 2004

I get "Page not found" from second link,but I couldn't see any difference between the 1st/2nd addys?

  Jester2K 14:55 24 Feb 2004

The first one works ok. It has an HTM extesnion. the second it not found and has an HTML extension.

Its just some service offering you link checking on your website. I just delete them.

  phil.smith 14:56 24 Feb 2004

I cannot access Gites page - get the same error message.


  scotty 15:16 24 Feb 2004

Lovely property! Is there a discount for PCA helproom regulars?

As Jester2K says, page7 has a link back to itself but the extension is html, not htm.

  Stuartli 15:47 24 Feb 2004

A case of gite lost...:-)

  Sheila-214876 18:30 24 Feb 2004

OK thanks every one. Now I see the problem. What I didn't do was click on the link on the actual Gites page (which, I suppose, should take you back to the "top of page") Mind you, I don't normally click on the link for the same page I am already on. I usually go to another page. I will fix it.

scotty. I will give the discount suggestion some thought.

  Sheila-214876 13:57 26 Feb 2004

Can't seem to fix this problem. However much I try to upload a new version with changed links it still shows the old version. I will tick this thread as resolved and post a new one in Webdesign. Thanks

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