Any CD Ripper quicker than WMP ?

  Dick_Dastardly 21:48 04 Jun 2006

I'm looking to rip my whole CD collection to my PC very soon, and wondered if anyone could recommend the best tool for doing this - I have WMP 10 and of course it has a built in ripper, but I wondered if there was any other program that would do the job quicker ?

Freeware preferred (naturally !) but if a paid-for version is far and away the best, then thats fine.



  SANTOS7 21:54 04 Jun 2006

Express Rip is free. It is also the fastest CD ripper in the world
click here
text taken from link......

  paddyjack 11:41 05 Jun 2006

another one here click here and will get your track list as well

  walesrob 12:01 05 Jun 2006

I've used Easy CD-DA Extractor from Poikosoft for 5 years now, I would highly recommend it. Apart from CD ripping, theres audio file converter to many formats (inluding AAC), a cd burning utility and a MP3/WMA CD creator. Easy CDDA is highly rated by many people click here

  BBez 12:50 05 Jun 2006

absolutely the best for extracting data. click here for the homepage, note, the latest version has problems with ripping certain protections due to the author being told to omit certain features so you better with the older version 0.9 beta 4 click here to get it...

  BBez 12:59 05 Jun 2006

you have to paste link in new tab / window for some reason...

  walesrob 13:14 05 Jun 2006

Bbez, not meaning to rain on your parade, but although you are correct in that EAC is probably the best cd-ripper available, its also the most fiddly and complicated to configure, and after trying it a few times over the past 2 years, I gave up getting to work, and went back to Easy CDDA. Then again, it could be a faulty computer user....!

  BBez 14:29 05 Jun 2006

no problem, everyone has their own opinion.

click here for a guide to get EAC correctly going...

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