Any BT or Telecom Engineers- Virtual Curcuits!

  spuds 11:09 15 Sep 2004

I am a little curious about a subject that recently come to light, and I was hoping that curiousity could be solved.

I have a ADSL Exchange Capacity report which states that my local exchange as a Virtual Circuits problem [graded status red code 1:1]. This I believe may cause a disconnection problem with my internet service. BT have increased my line gain, but will this solve the problem!.

More information on Virtual Circuits within a BT exchange would be a nice bonus.

Thanks in anticipation of a good reply.

  Graham ® 11:28 15 Sep 2004

Virtual Circuits are often referred to as a 'cloud'. If you look at a wiring diagram, connections enter the cloud and come out the other side. What's in the cloud? Nothing but software, which can be programmed.

"Each exchange has a number of 'Virtual Circuits' which connect the exchange to BT's ADSL Network, which inturn then connects to the NDO network. The capacity of the 'Virtual Circuits' is limited and in some exchanges congestion is occuring at peak times where there is not enough available bandwidth across the Virtual Circuits to satisfy the usage levels of all the users connected to the exchange. If you find your connection is slowing down at peak times (the Internet Peak is normally from 7pm to about 11pm at night) use this tool to find out if your exchange is affected".

Extract from click here

  Graham ® 11:32 15 Sep 2004

I assume you are on broadband? If so, note that the line gain of which you speak only affects the analogue function.

  spuds 15:42 15 Sep 2004

Thanks Graham, your very informative reply as dampened down the dust a little. I used your link [from another post] and found my exchange details, hence the question.

I have had many problems with the B/B internet, which resulted in my provider Tiscali and modem manufacturer becoming involved. All their suggestions have not solved the problems, and I suspect that BT are part responsible as the line provider. Taking the results from your link report, I approached BT [via 151] explaining the situation, as indeed most of my connection breakdowns are within the stated peak period times.

Trying to speak to the local exchange engineers is nye on impossible. BT advisors cannot disclose exchange telephone contact numbers or connect for technical assistance!. Result of my conversation with the advisor yesterday, as prompted a line gain increase,plus a reply that I need to take up any B/B problems with my service supplier. I have emailed BT via the recommendation that I use the 'contact us' on their website. This as now been completed, and I await their reply.

  Graham ® 18:11 15 Sep 2004

BT will only deal with your ISP regarding broadband, as they are the customer. You must convince Tiscali to raise a fault with BT. They will, of course, be reluctant to do so, as they will be billed if nothing is found.

The first time BT will probably say it tests OK. This is a remote broadband test and proves nothing! In other words, they haven't done anything! So when the fault is passed back to Tiscali, assuming you're still getting drop-outs, tell Tiscali nothing has changed. This will result in a 'Failed re-test' being passed back to BT.

After a few of these, insist on an engineering visit at a time when you are experiencing the fault.

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