This any better?...

  barryoneoff 11:02 26 Jan 2003

I was given a lot of advice on my site layout by this forum two weeks ago. It has taken me that long to implement the changes. Changed the background, buttons looked wrong, changed the buttons, text colour wrong....etc.

Anyway, finally finished. Is it an improvement? Thanks for suggestions last time, have another look and see if you can dig out any more little niggles. All comments appreciated. click here

Cheers, Whiz...

  bvw in bristol 11:25 26 Jan 2003

Niggles? Just spent an interesting 15mins browsing and learnt a few things. Nicely done Whiz, impressive :o)

  rawprawn 11:29 26 Jan 2003

Congratulations, I think you have done a brilliant job. I am not in a position to compare it your previous version, but I am very impressed. I found it both interesting and informative. I wonder if I will ever be able to do something similar about the Yorkshire Dales.

  User-312386 11:33 26 Jan 2003

your old site was good mate

But this one is 10 times better, it loads alot quicker, the images and format are good

Yep i give it 1000% better then old site

well done mate

p.s. i can't wait to see your next update

you are going to blow the world away(and thats a compliment)


  TECHNODIMWIT 11:37 26 Jan 2003

brill barry, i often visit for a lift,

I like the new layout, the background is a big improvement (in my opinion)

keep it up, mark

  Psiman 11:57 26 Jan 2003

excellent...nuff said.


  Psiman 12:04 26 Jan 2003

claret wallpaper, much as I liked it. Your new scheme comes over more easy on the eye.

  Forum Editor 12:28 26 Jan 2003

put in a lot of hard work on this Barry, and it shows.

The whole site has a far more professional feel about it, the background is a big improvement, and the smaller font size has worked wonders.

Two things:-

I still wish the pages weren't so long, and you could achieve this by breaking them up into sub pages - perhaps with a 'Next' button at the bottom. It does irritate some people if their browser inserts a long scroll bar, and often they don't bother to read down the page.

I've mentioned this before, but some of the content on the humour page is a tad dubious taste-wise and will deter a lot of people from wanting to link to you. Reciprocal linking is one of the best ways to build site traffic, and a site like yours, with its historical content could do quite well in this way. Humour's a very personal thing, and what might seem hilarious when related over a pint in the local can seem very tacky when it's viewed on a web page - especially if you're a vistor from another country.

Please accept these comments in the spirit of friendship - they aren't intended to deflate you in any way. Your site has come on by leaps and bounds since you invited us to give you our comments, and it's to your credit that you've taken all the advice on board.

Just in passing, have you tried the site with a white background?

  barryoneoff 12:57 26 Jan 2003

for taking the time. As I thought by the last responses I received, the background was the main problem. I intend to add a lot more content now. Rawprawn, if I can do it I am sure you can, give it a try. FE, thanks again. I didn't really think the small font would work, but it seems to, and even I can read it. I did try a plain white BG but it really didn't look right (to me, maybe I'm wrong). AND...I think I may take your advice about the humour. Will definately split pages into smaller sections. Cheers...Whiz

  barryoneoff 16:47 26 Jan 2003

I see that I have had a good few visitors to the site, but very little feedback either from the forum, or direct. I did away with the usual guest book in the hope that visitors wouldn't be afraid to leave comments (Email addresses are deleted, if left, before publishing). I had a couple pointing out links that didn't work, fixed now, but no other criticism. Is this a good sign?

  Border View 17:08 26 Jan 2003

I've just visited your site and found it excellent. The only problem I had with it, probably because I'm only on dial-up and not broadband, was that it seemed to take a while to load. Other than that it is excellent.

I only came to computers about two years ago and am of a similar age. Will now look to having a go at building a web site.

Well done.

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