Any Avira users having problems?

  john bunyan 18:54 05 Aug 2014

I have used the free version of Avira A/V for more than a couple of years with no problems. Today, the update suggested a new version. After installation I could not launch it - a weird pop up appeared. I did a system restore. This time the Avira said it was out of date and needed a new licence key. I do not have one as it is the free version. I then downloaded the latest free version, uninstalled the old one and installed the latest version - only to run into the same problem - would not launch. I then downloaded the free Avast, uninstalled Avira again and installed Avast Free. So far so good . It installed Dropbox , which I do not need at the moment. A pity as I had got used to Avira and will miss it. Ijust wondered if any other free Avira users have found the same problem?

  rdave13 19:04 05 Aug 2014

Not sure what you mean JB that Avast installed Dropbox?

As for Avira it has a good reputation. Might be worth waiting a while until the new version is updated and then revert back to it.

Avast and AVG have teething problems when new versions are offered.

  rdave13 19:12 05 Aug 2014

Have a look at Avira forums.

  john bunyan 19:16 05 Aug 2014


I was careful to look out for add-ons but, somehow, Dropbox was installed. No big deal, but I don't use it. I could not remain "unprotected" so I thought Avast was a good temporary alternative. I will, maybe, try Avira again if someone says it is OK .

  john bunyan 19:17 05 Aug 2014


Thanks for link. That Avira forum member exactly describes the issue.

  rdave13 19:26 05 Aug 2014

As a matter of interest did you download Avast from here, scroll down a bit and used the custom install? Otherwise it usually installs Google toolbar not DropBox. Same as any freebie today we need to use the custom install, if offered, and untick boxes or decline. If you're not offered a custom install then I dump it and find another hosting site.

As for Avira keep an eye on their forum/ answer site to see when they sort it out. Use Avasts uninstall tool and reinstall Avira. Must say they're getting a good, if not better reviews, than Avast, so this is just a hiccup.

  john bunyan 19:31 05 Aug 2014


No, I try to avoid CNet like the plague. I thought I used the Avast own site. Here, but is it?


  rdave13 19:37 05 Aug 2014

john bunyan , my link wasn't to C|Net but to Avasts own site. I'll copy the links url with spaces, http:// www

Your link was, http:// www

Wonder why you were re-directed to C|Net using my link?

  john bunyan 19:51 05 Aug 2014

rdave13. Sorry, When I went to the download bit of the freebie in your link, cnet was mentioned in the top left corner. I will have a look tomorrow and maybe uninstall by system restore and reinstall your version. What do you think? Is there another uninstaller - Revo does not work on 64 bit.

  john bunyan 19:55 05 Aug 2014

PS just downloaded from you site but did not run it. The file is identical in size an description so I will stay with it! I can easily uninstall Dropbox. Thanks for input

  rdave13 20:02 05 Aug 2014

john bunyan , see what you mean. My bad. Your link is better. I do apologise. Clicking on the download link in my link certainly goes to C|Net's site. Now that is bad news for Avsat and will bear it in mind for future use. Thank you.

As for Revo I never use it to uninstall security software or any Microsoft software as I always had problems afterwards.

Thanks again for that link, I shall bookmark it. From Indonesia.

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