Any alternative to AVG

  VEG 18:02 04 Apr 2004

Any alternative to AVG. Any other free antivirus out there, fed up with not being able to update when using the update feature in AVG.

Cheers :)

  VoG II 18:08 04 Apr 2004

Avast click here

  SANTOS7 18:13 04 Apr 2004

most people that use this forum including myself
would agree with your statement the update issue with AVG is very frustrateing but it is still a quality anti-viru sclick here here are some alternatives but you can download manually updates from grisofts website save them in updates, start anti-virus, and you can keep what is a tried and tested product up to date that way.

  Mikè 18:37 04 Apr 2004

click here I gave up on Avg and this seems fine, plenty of updates.

  spuds 18:37 04 Apr 2004

I use AVG, which I regard as one of the best free products available.I know there as been problems of late with update downloads, but it pays to wait and see what happens with their server. Further Anti-virus info click here

  VEG 18:42 04 Apr 2004

Ok just downloaded from their american site and it worked fine :)

  March Hare 23:43 04 Apr 2004

Some helpful posts on the AVG update problem
click here
These fixes work well.

  Indigo 1 23:58 04 Apr 2004

Having been a user of AVG for years, I am a huge fan and still think it is one of the best pieces of freeware available that you can put into a PC, but I have been a little miffed lately when trying to download updates (shouldn't recommend it so much cos there's too many people trying to upgrade now). So I tried AVAST and was pleasantly surprised. It seems to be very efficient and runs in the background constantly keeping an eye on things. This is a very different method to what I have got used to and the GUI is unusual too but is still highly effective.

So if AVG don't upgrade their servers soon I am going to be jumping ship.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:18 05 Apr 2004

'It seems to be very efficient and runs in the background constantly keeping an eye on things. This is a very different method to what I have got used to'...and how is this different to AVG?


  Indigo 1 18:05 05 Apr 2004

As far as I know AVG only scans downloads and e-mail as it arrives then performs a real-time scan on request, whereas AVAST is continually scannig files at a low level.

Is this not correct ?

  QQAA 19:01 05 Apr 2004

released click here. This is the first time that i am trying out an anti-virus tool after almost two years without having (legal or illegal copy) any such tool in my windows xp system.

over the last few days, i am surprised by the easy setup and smooth operations of this free tool. besides, its 'auto-push' way of virus definition update reminds me of a typical office networked environment whereby the users would be SWIFTLY 'pushed' an updated definition file when they boot up their systems.

regarding the avast! home edition, i also emjoyed listening the nice voice of a lady upon finishing the automatic 'push' update after booting up.

avase! has reinforced my long-time feeling that i would not missed the free (and rather ugly and boring) AVG after having tried it out many years ago.

but i am afraid if they continue to do well, then one day they could suffer the same fate as Zone Labs, being taken over (or rather, killed) by Symantec as its well-proven freeware "ZoneAlarm" and shareware "ZoneAlarm Pro" become a serious threat to the profitability and survival of the commercial giants.

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