Any advice on harddisk optimising please?

  Jono106 15:18 24 Jun 2003

Hello there faithfull compu-boffs. You have dragged me out of many technical ditches in the past and I was so pleased with myself for not bothering you until now. I'm not brave enough to throw myself at this one!!
Basically, I record audio on my computer using Logic Audio v.5. Things aren't going so well because I can't get my ASIO driver to communicate between Logic and my Terratec DMX6Fire soundcard when recording audio (mic's etc). Something that the respective companies have failed to help with. So, I'm stuck using the PCAV driver, which is slow and provides poorer quality recordings and bad latency. If anyone has any ideas with what I can look at I would be grateful but that isn't my original query. To help compensate for my crap driver, I want to speed up my system without financial outlay. I've read plenty of Jargonistic waffle about:
a) Partitioning my hard drive for audio and reformatting the new section to FAT32.
b) Using bus mastering software to free cpu power.
Are these advantageous and how do you implement them?
I have read that the near side of the harddrive is the quicker and would be best to partition for audio files, but that contains operating system files which I have no idea if I can relocate them to a more central part of the drive without messing up my system.
Also haven't been able to find bus mastering software on the net and can only find articles from 4-5 years ago.
I am running an Athlon 2100+ with XP Pro, 768MbRAM and an 7200rpm 80Gb Harddisk.
Hope that wasn't too much of a blab.
Many Thanks

  keith-236785 15:57 24 Jun 2003

only thing i can suggest is to partition your drive into 3 smaller sections, the middle drive should be in the centre of the drive and the last one should be the centre of the disk. at 7200rpm, the disk is spinning on the outer edge at almost 200mph (yes thats MILES PER HOUR, data courtesy of a feature in micromart). this will reduce the cluster size and maybe make a difference, but i doubt it is what you are looking for.
Cant help with the sound card thingy except to say have you got the latest drivers for the audigy card, and have you been to thier website to see if there is a F.A.Q. section, same goes for the Terratec DMX6Fire soundcard. sorry mate best i can do on this one.

  Jono106 18:03 24 Jun 2003

OK. Have done the driver update jobbie already but nay joy. Thanks anyway gaffer.

  DieSse 18:23 24 Jun 2003

Hard drives have pretty much the same performance over the whole of the disk surface. The manufacturers arrange the sectoring to account for the different linear speed on different portions of the drive.

So it doesn't really matter where on the drive your data is, it won't help or hinder you. You will get the best sustained transfer rates if you data is defragmented, which is a standard Windows facility.

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