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Any advice on cheap laptops?

  Gordon Freeman 14:51 23 Aug 2019

My laptop has died so want to get a cheap replacement rapido, but it's for work so needs to have the following:

• Minimum intel i5, 15" screen if possible

• Windows 10 Professional -vital

• TPM chip on the motherboard - vital

• Microsoft BitLocker enabled for Full Disk Encryption - vital

Could I just fit the old SSD out of my dead win 10 pro i7 laptop in whatever temporary laptop I get in order to avoid re-installing all software?

Am looking around as we speak (cheap laptops dot something) but any input appreciated. I don't even mind a refurb to be honest at this stage. Thanks.

  Gordon Freeman 17:22 23 Aug 2019


  john bunyan 19:19 23 Aug 2019

It would be interesting to know what model and price you chose.

  alexistexas12121200 05:28 14 Dec 2019

you want to buy a laptop but you don't have much money, so remember some points, first of all, find the need, why you want to buy a laptop! after the find out about your requirements, I recommended you use to buy a needful laptop, basically according to the minimum requirement the basic laptop should be 4GB ram, 500GB hard disk, i5 5th generation process. thats all. facebook

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:35 14 Dec 2019

We discussed cheap refurbished laptops awhile ago on the forum and several of us including FE bought one from click here and were well pleased.

  Lenny Doom 12:20 17 Dec 2019

Look at Vinga, the company recently appeared on the market

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