Any advice on the basics of website forms?

  Griffon 16:03 31 Dec 2003

I use Dreamweaver and creating forms looks relatively straightforward. However, the learning curve gets a whole lot steeper for actually getting the published form to do something like e-mailing me surfers' inputs for example. Any pointers to tutorials on CGI, scripts or third party form handlers would be very welcome.

  Griffon 19:02 31 Dec 2003

I'll certainly check out Matt's Scripts. I guess I'm really at the starting grid on this one. I don't really understand how the process works at all - though I suspect, like most of this stuff, it's really quite straight forward. I'm sure there must be a basic tutorial on the web somewhere that explains the basic concepts involved. There is for most things! Cheers again.

  Griffon 20:37 02 Jan 2004

The site concerns bike hire. Form fields might include for example:

Contact details
Choice of bike - probably drop-down menu
Dates of hire - first day, last day etc

All detail above to be e-mailed to hirer

Transfer based on the above info to relevent payment page (via PAYPAL).

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