Antivrus not needed.....

  Mikè 21:17 18 Jul 2005

A straight forward question today i've set up a dual boot system, with Linux and Xp home (using for Xp all NTFS partitions) do I need any kind of antivirus with linux?

I am only really experimenting with Linux, and as long as my Xp installation is safe thats all that really matters.

The system is behind a router firewall.

  Belatucadrus 21:40 18 Jul 2005

Probably not, Linux is by nature more secure than Windows and also there simply aren't the number of creeps trying to screw it up.
click here Bitdefender Linux is available free if you still decide you want extra cover.

  Mikè 22:32 18 Jul 2005

Yes you have confirmed my own views, I'll leave this open for any other views.

  Pusherman 08:08 19 Jul 2005

Linux itself does not need any anti virus software because of its inherent security but if you receive lots of emails containing attachments and you forward those attachments on to other people then scanning them for viruses maybe a good idea. After all, you don't want to be the person who infects another's machine.

Linux virus scanners scan for windows based viruses.

  €dstowe 08:57 19 Jul 2005

The more popular Linux becomes, the more virus creators will be interested in it. After all, the extra security (real or imagined) of Linux creates a bigger challenge to these antisocial misfits.

  Pusherman 09:57 19 Jul 2005

The more popular Linux becomes there may be an increase in the number of people trying to write viruses for it but, at the end of the day, a virus can't do much damage to a Unix system because of it's basic design concept. The popularity of Windows being the reason for the number of viruses aimed at it is only half of the problem. Consider a street with ten houses in it. Five of the houses have alarms fitted and bars on the windows, the other five do not. Which house's are more prone to be broken into? Obviously the home's with no alarms are going to be targeted. And that is the problem with Windows, if you don't use a firewall or a a virus scanner you are more likely to become infected. Not necessarily because there are more Windows machines out there but because they are such easy targets.

Given time Linux may be subject to more attention by the virus writers but whether they manage to infect any *nix machines remains to be seen.

Protecting your computer with a firewall and virus scanner – sensible
Not protecting your computer with a firewall or virus scanner (regardless of you OS of choice) – not sensible

  Mikè 10:02 19 Jul 2005

Thanks everybody I may install an antivrus program in due course, but judging by how long it took me to install Opera it may be some time yet.

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