Antivirus/Adaware/Spybot etc Use in Spain?

  Taff36 15:52 14 Jun 2005

Friend of mine has a villa in Spain and has signed up for Wireless Broadband out there. On his Spanish ISP`s advice he had to remove McAfee AV because it apparently caused a conflict. He also had a problem with a virus although this has been eradicated.

The question is therefore will Avast be a suitable AntiVirus programme for use out there? Similarly does anyone know of any issues with Adaware, Spybot, SpywareBlaster or even MS AntiSpyware?

  Diodorus Siculus 16:21 14 Jun 2005

Do you know the ISP name? Searching finds nothing problematic with Avast (but my spanish is pretty poor!).

  john-232317 16:30 14 Jun 2005

I use AVG free version, adaware, spybot, a squared, crapcleaner, spyware blaster, bhodemon, on Telefonica BB with no problems.

Maybe there was a conflict with his ISP firewall ?

  john-232317 16:32 14 Jun 2005

Mine is not wireless though.

  Meshuga 18:22 14 Jun 2005

My Daughter lives in Spain and uses the same setup as dadyassa but is on Dialup and has no problems.

  Belatucadrus 18:24 14 Jun 2005

avast! is very good, I use it with Kerio firewall, Spywareblaster, Spywareguard, Spybot S&D and Microsoft Anti Spyware. So far no conflicts between them.
Perhaps not entirely relevant to this case, click here but they do a Spanish language version of avast, so would appear they have a Spanish clientèle large enough to warrant creating a variant.
I believe DieSse has installed it on some machines in Spain, though his preference is ever the non free NOD32, maybe he'll confirm if he catches the thread.

  woodchip 18:32 14 Jun 2005

they should all work. what you suggest

  DieSse 19:14 14 Jun 2005

I don't know of any issues in Spain with any ISPs or any AV/Spyware software. I have come across some firewall issues with some routers - but they won't be peculiar to Spain.

Mind you - I've had plenty of problems with MacAfee and NAV du their general propensity to screw systems up!

IIMHO - the best free - Avast .... but the best there is - NOD32 click here - also certified against Adware and Spyware and Trojans. Just renewed mine - wouldn't use anything else.

  Taff36 07:42 15 Jun 2005

There was a firewall conflict & I don`t know which ISP provider but the general opinion is that all my "usual suspects" will work. I suppose thinking about it logically the definition files must be international because the web and viruses certainly are! Thanks again.

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