Antivirus7 removal

  Schopenhauer 23:08 10 Mar 2010

I have been infected by Antivirus 7 and it's driving me up the wall. Could someone, please, recommend a tool to get rid of this? I know there are several advertised and I am willing to pay but I would prefer to buy on recommendation. Thanks in advance.

  northumbria61 23:19 10 Mar 2010

You could read this first - I have never used it so can't recommend.

click here

  birdface 00:08 11 Mar 2010

Try this it is a pay for program but you get a 30 day trial and it will remove anything that it finds.if it asks for payment just carry on with the scan.

click here

  Sea Urchin 00:15 11 Mar 2010

One of the problems with this rogue application is that there are many rogue removal programs offered when you Google for a solution - they download further malware on to your system. Northumbria61's link is unfortunately one of these.

The following guide shows how to remove this from your PC using SmitFraudFix

click here

  Schopenhauer 09:46 11 Mar 2010

Thanks for your suggestions. I'll let you know what works.

  mnmsteve 19:15 11 Mar 2010

Hey, my PC got infected by this virus too. I can't find much info about it, must be a new one. The problem is that I can't download any malware removal tool on my PC. i found this blog post click here but they say I have to use Malwarebytes antimalware, SUPERAntispyware or Spyware Doctor. But as I said, I can't download them. I will try to reboot my PC in Safe Mode. Maybe that will sort things out. If anyone has 100% working removal methods please let me know because it's driving me crazy. Thanks!

  Sea Urchin 23:12 11 Mar 2010

The link you posted gives you the answer - you need to rename the program - and it explains how to do it. I would recommend using Malwarebytes.

  Schopenhauer 18:00 12 Mar 2010

Well it seems to have gone, but I'm not sure how or why. I tried some of the suggestions but they did not work for me. I also tried Webroot that was advertised on the Home Page of this website. That did a scan and found the offending virus but said I would have to register to move it, which I did, but was not asked for any cash.
Also, Sea Urchin was right about removal programs often downloading rogue programs of their own. My AVG resident shield found one such, Spyware Hunter.
So there we are, I'm not sure whether it was Webroot AVG or something else.

  the hick 14:45 13 Mar 2010

I had to remove Antivirus Live two months ago. Started in 'safe mode', then loaded Malwarebytes from a CD, ran it, and it cleared it out OK.

  sadie6231 04:42 17 Mar 2010

Hi...Today I was infected with this antivirus7..i read instructions on how to remove it and they were very scary! Fortunately, I kept looking and found a program that removed it very easily..FREE.. this is the website below..

click here

It did state that it could have prevented this antivirus from downloading to your computer if you had their program.. but there was no pressure to buy it...and it did NOT just let you know it was there and then DO NOTHING.. it did delete it! I was one very happy person. Hope this helps you. :)

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