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Antivirus2009 infection and re-infected again

  Fried~Chips 14:20 28 Aug 2008

Recently had machine infected with this infection which comes with fake malware & Spyware & viruses calling itself Antivirus2009 & previously calling itself antivirus XP, Vista, 2007 & 2008.

Ok, had WinXP Clean installed and installed with SP3 all new updates like IE7, Media player etc, running kaspersky internet security on AOL software version 9vr.

This infection even after having windows SP3 installed clean has become infected around a week after repair. Family member has not downloaded any software other than microsoft windows updates, Java & Adobe.

Could anyone sugest how this infection can get back into the system please. Router is a netgear but not wireless.


  hiwatt 14:34 28 Aug 2008

I'm not sure how you got re-infected.A clean install should have got rid of it though.Here's instructions on how to remove it though.After running malware bytes you could also run super antispyware click here (free edition)Run them in safe mode.Then run ccleaner to get rid od any leftovers in the registry.

  hiwatt 14:36 28 Aug 2008

Forgot to post the link to the removal instructions.
click here

  hiwatt 15:57 28 Aug 2008

Is there no way these animals can be traced via the address they want to get paid through?How would they get their money if some poor sod actually pays them?

  Fried~Chips 23:17 28 Aug 2008

Nasty stuff I know, I am aware this infection malware shows itself in about 5 different formats.
It has damaged the display properties, removed the C: hdd from being visable & Programmes with Control panel & even run command all gone !.

Even though trying to remove would the damge left by it be returnable back so windows operates correctly again or FDisk & formatt way to proceed ?
I know also smartfix tool in safe mode works but never used it.

will look over the above options and read more before helping her out but she will have to wait if she wants me to do it for her.

  woodchip 23:25 28 Aug 2008

Did you load any backups after clean install?

  Fried~Chips 01:17 29 Aug 2008

I have found out thanks to PrevX this infection logs the http. Wonder can it also log your IP address for you internet connection and then come back later when it likes ?

  manrow 08:52 29 Aug 2008

I used this to get rid of Antivirus 2009:-

click here

  Fried~Chips 09:40 30 Aug 2008

called smitfraud.fix ? or similar by name. Is it safe to use if following the instruction

  Fried~Chips 18:37 30 Aug 2008

Will add it to my options, hope to get round to this sunday.

  Fried~Chips 10:08 01 Sep 2008

sorted most of the problems, and repaired all the damage caused but their F-Secure Internet security is still alerting them of this malware or virus as below


from time to time a box which looks like the windows XP firewall pops up with a warning and also gives you an option to allow or run. Do not think its legit this window claiming to be xp firewall.

So googled this last bug backdoor etc but only a few ref's with no sensible info. any offers or knowledge to shift it please.

Thanks all.

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