Antivirus XP & Norton 360 - Reasonable?

  ingatestonian 18:35 15 Aug 2008

I subscribe to Norton 360 but have got the trojan Antivirus XP 2008 with its annoying porn popups and messages. Via the chat facility, Norton advisors have removed part of the problem remotely but the popups have come back and other irritations, like slow running remain.

They have now escalated my call to their virus specialist and want to charge me £70 for a detailed consultation plus check of the PC and clean up. Am I being reasonable thinking that Norton 360 should have stopped the trojan in the first place and it's a bit much having to pay them to clean up. The adviser was quite aggressive saying that I should have this done straight away otherwise I might spread the virus on the internet and my ISP will cut me off.

I'd be grateful for views on Norton's stance.

  Kia Ora 18:42 15 Aug 2008

Do a quick Google for "Antivirus XP 2008", have a look at the first hit from bleepingcomputer, should be able to sort it yourself.

Google is your friend.

  cecil9 19:00 15 Aug 2008

Just doing a system restore to the day before i opened the contents of a scamm CNN newsletter that gave me the virus sorted the problem totaslly for me.

  skidzy 19:02 15 Aug 2008

As Kia Ora says,The Bleeping Computer link will have everything you need to know,alternatively click here

  tubzz 20:50 15 Aug 2008

went to a customer to day with this software taking over his PC, I loaded AVG free8, updated it, did a complete scan and it is now fixed!

  woodchip 21:13 15 Aug 2008

Dump it and put free avast on

  ingatestonian 22:24 15 Aug 2008

Thanks all - I have downloaded the Malwarebytes freeware and all looks good at the moment. If it stays that way I will be hugely impressed.

  sunny staines 09:22 16 Aug 2008

the wife opened one of the cnn email links and norton nis2008 jumped in and blocked it.

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