AntiVirus scan in safe mode

  keewaa 19:31 15 Nov 2005

If i restart in safe mode and run an antivirus scan with the AV installed on my PC, is that as good a scan compared to scanning in normal mode.

(Do scans in safe mode miss anything that a scan in normal mode would pick up?)

  stalion 19:32 15 Nov 2005

you need to scan in normal mode not everything is running in safe mode

  VoG II 19:33 15 Nov 2005

It should be the same.

The only instance I can think of when you should'nt use safe mode is generating a HJT log - then you would miss loads that would load in normal mode.

  keewaa 19:35 15 Nov 2005

2 different answers lol ... I was of the same opinion as VoG and was just checking I was thinking right, as an AV is scanning files and not running processes.

  VoG II 19:41 15 Nov 2005

Norton provide instructions on how to access SAfe Mode click here

That suggests to me that you can scan for viruses in safe mode otherwise the artice would come with a warning (surely?).

  stalion 19:46 15 Nov 2005

good evening VoG™ I am not going to argue the point but I would only scan in normal mode for viruses etc personally.Do you mean that you actually trust norton!

  Nellie2 21:02 15 Nov 2005

The only thing that I have against running anti virus in safe mode, would be if the AV wasn't fully functional in safe mode. Any decent AV is fully functional in safe mode though so that should not be an issue.

An antivirus program does not just scan the running processes, it scans all the files on the system (that is why a scan can take so long) in fact it may even be an advantage to run a scan in safe mode as the AV may find it easier to heal files that are not in use.

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