AntiVirus Program outside UK

  SURVEY 20:56 09 Jan 2005

I am shortly taking delivery of a laptop that will be prepared and sent to my daughter in Sardinia. I have had trouble in the past with Norton products although at present I have two computers running NAV 2004 and one with NIS 2004 - no problems at all. I am also aware from experience that Symantec do not seem interested in solving problems caused by their software - thye prefer to direct one to ther website that is not always satisfactory. I would have liked to try AVG for the firts time but I understand that it is limited to the UK for updates. Any suggestions before I buy another copy of Norton Antivirus?

  Carpigiani 21:02 09 Jan 2005

Try avast click here home version is free . Check out their distributors here click here

  stalion 21:27 09 Jan 2005
  john-232317 22:19 09 Jan 2005

I run AVG7 etc in Spain no problem....World Wide Web .... ;-))

  SURVEY 08:38 10 Jan 2005

dadyassa - I had been previously informed that updates were for some reason only available for UK residents which seemed a little odd. So you presumably can access updates etc via the internet as normal?

  Rockarch 09:57 10 Jan 2005

I lived in the Middle East for 8 years - Norton updates via the web - anything about UK residents is rubbish.

  [email protected] 10:09 10 Jan 2005

France - no problems at all with any web updates.

  Belatucadrus 11:30 10 Jan 2005

The UK residents comments aren't rubbish, they are however obsolete, some years ago Grisoft had geographical limitations on those that could use the free version of AVG. These appear to have been removed, if you look at the terms and conditions now, the limitations are one copy only for non profit home use, there are no comments about where you live.
I do however prefer avast!

  john-232317 17:09 10 Jan 2005

Use AVG7, Spywareblaster,Adaware,Spybot,A squared, Moosoft cleaner,diskkeeper lite,Bhodemon, no problems at all. If there was a problem you could set your PC to UK. ;-))

  SURVEY 17:29 10 Jan 2005

As the new laptop will not have any Antivirus program when delivered, is it possible to download AVG as an unopened file to my desktop on another computer (so it does not conflict with Norton AV on that computer)and then copy this across to the laptop for installing? I cannot imagine it is safe to download 45 minutes or so of AVG without some protection first? Come to think of it how do peopel with only one computer get around this - presumably by purchasing an AV program off the shelf?

  Androcles 18:25 10 Jan 2005

Generally speaking people download them from discs from mags such as PC Advisor then go on line and update them.If you are already protected you download the installation file to your desktop,copy this to a floppy or CD depending on the size,then install it to the other computer.Regards.

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