Antivirus on a network

  mec13 00:14 19 Feb 2005

As a 'first timer' in networking both our computers in our house, I'm proud to say that eventually,I managed to set up printer, internet, etc sharing succesfully. Both computers are XP 2, alas on 'dail up' connection, and one is the 'host' machine.(wired connection). My question is does my antivirus(norton)protect both machines, or do I have to load norton onto my 2nd computer, which of course will use the internet via the 'host' machine.
Every thing was set up by xp's network setup wizard on both machines, and the only glich is the security warning that there is no antivirus on the 2nd machine. Does this envolve file sharing norton on both machines, or do I just load norton onto the new computer.
If my lack of computer knowledge is beginning to show, please excuse my ignorance.

  Dipso 00:36 19 Feb 2005

You will only have the licence to install Norton on one of your machines. You would therefore have to buy another in order to install it on a second machine. Why don't you try one of the free AV's e.g. AVG from Grisoft or AVAST, do a Google. You are very lucky that you haven't already caught a virus on your second PC, download one quick!

  mec13 01:24 19 Feb 2005

oh dear you've caught me out Dipso,in fact our 2nd machine did come with 'Norman AV' which I've never heard of, and didn't bother to load. But going back to my original question, because the internet is going thro the 'host'computer first, which is protected by norton AV, does this not mean that the network system is already protected, or have I got it completly wrong. Also Ive read another posting where Mr Norton dosn't like sharing with other Av programnes, and conflicts start appearing.

  Chezdez 10:03 19 Feb 2005

no, you will need to install all necessary AV software etc on the second machine, as all that the first machine is doing is passing the data between the internet and the second computer, it doesn't check it at all

i would suggest AVG 7 for anit-virus, and zone alarm for firewall if you want freebies

  LastChip 17:26 19 Feb 2005

Think of your computer as an office. You are in a building with a corridor running down one side. Your anti-virus protects the door to your office. Anything coming through that door is scanned for unwanted "bombs".

The corridor is your network. All data is free to pass down that corridor unprotected, including any "bombs". Your neighbour in the next office does not have your anti-virus protection, so anyone can walk in with a bomb and plant it there.

At the end of the corridor is the street (the Internet). With commercial anti-virus (enterprise) solutions, the door to the street will be protected, but NOT so with home network products.

Hope this makes some sense!

  mec13 21:37 19 Feb 2005

Well Lastchip thats definately explained how a network operates in a way I've would never have thought of, Thanks! Between all the rest of you and these four walls, I did load my norton AV onto my 2nd machine(hope you can keep a secret) installed all the updates etc+xp firewalled, and everything seems fine. I can only plead ignorance to Nortons licensing rules(no I didn't read the complete agreement,Who does!)when first installing Norton. Anyway, following all your guidance, I will make sure my 2nd networked computer is properly protected with the correct, ahem! licenced Av software. Thanks.

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