Antivirus License Renewal

  K*B 15:34 05 Apr 2010

Hello Friends, my BitDefender antivirus license has expired and needs to be renewed. Unfortunately, I don't know the account used initially to register the product. How then do I renew my antivirus software? My laptop is now unprotected. Please help. Thanks.

  Pine Man 15:37 05 Apr 2010

This may be a good time to change to one of the many freebies like, for example, Microsoft Essential Security or AVG etc etc.

  Sea Urchin 17:57 05 Apr 2010

Did they not send you an email reminder about renewing? But you can go to this page, and type in your License Key number - and will lead you through the renewal process

click here

  Toneman 18:43 05 Apr 2010

Microsoft Security Essentials, freebie many folks now seem to be switching to...

  K*B 14:08 06 Apr 2010

AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition may only be used on one computer for personal use, but my pc is not standalone; it is connected to the internet through broadband. What are the risks? It would be great for a change to use free antivirus!

  iscanut 14:15 06 Apr 2010

As far as the Aniti Virus is concerned, your pc is classed as standalone it is connected is not the issue ! No risks, there are many free, excellent AV programs. Have a look here , see the Anti Virus well as AVG, Avast is good and also think about Microsoft Essentials as Toneman suggests.

  Technotiger 14:17 06 Apr 2010

Download Microsoft Security Essentials, then go off-line, uninstall your present anti-virus and install MSE. Then go back on-line, update MSE and your away!

  robin_x 17:32 06 Apr 2010

Why does never get plugged?

Best AV going.

click here

Pop-ups are not malicious or intrusive.
Just click the X


General review of security...the guy that wrote File Unlocker...A lot of false positives on File Unlocker because he included an eBay shortcut.
He had a rant about Symatec/McAffee/MSE.

click here


have a look round his site too from the Home Page.
Really nice stuff he has done. Some very technical, nice Java Video transforms and screensavers.

  realist 19:27 06 Apr 2010

If you go with MSE make sure you set a restore point first.
It messes with your Windows Update settings in Security Center.
Even after uninstalling MSE you find you have Auto Updates set by default and no way of turning them off/stopping the annoying yellow shield notifications.

  Technotiger 19:32 06 Apr 2010

I have installed MSE on my own and on several other computers, all without any problems! Are you sure you don't have anything else causing your problems?

  thumbscrew 19:21 07 Apr 2010

I used a paid for Bullguard for four years, then switched to Avast (4.8 at the time), which was excellent. Unfortunately for me.....and many others....when it upgraded to version 5.0 it played havoc with my machine-I even had a struggle to remove it! I then installed Avira: it's good, but you'll experience large pop-ups on screen every night which remain on your screen, not fade in a few seconds like most other AVs. I found a way to disable them in the Registry and was happy, then came an upgrade and I was stuck with the pop-ups again and by then I'd forgotten the removal method! However, it seems the majority of users don't mind them.Off came Avira and I'm now using MSE which is an easy install and pop-up free. Seems so good that I'm wondering if Microsoft will begin to charge for it. Anyway it's your decision, when you've made it, post with the details.

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