Antivirus, how do I know it is working ?

  Ray5776 16:06 03 Feb 2006

Hi Everyone,
Today seems to be a day of concern about viruses but how do we know for certain that our antivirus is actually working. Does anyone know of a way of testing it, I have heard of something called "EICAR"
can anyone explain please.


  Diodorus Siculus 16:17 03 Feb 2006

There is no real way to tell unless the AV program is picking up the occasional virus as it comes in via email.

You can try an online scan and see what that picks up (hopefully nothing!).

  rawprawn 16:18 03 Feb 2006

click here Run all the tests on the left hand side. You will get all the information you need.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:19 03 Feb 2006

There is a lot of nonsense talked about home 'security' and huuuge amounts of hype. Just get a decent, free AV, use any free firewall, relax and surf on.


  rawprawn 16:21 03 Feb 2006

click here eicar

  Ray5776 18:21 03 Feb 2006

I have now put the eicar file on 3 times (2 downloaded from their site & 1 I typed in myself)
I am using McAfee VirusScan updated today to SDAT4668. It reports "No items found" which does not inspire confidence, do you think I may have a problem here?
Rawprawn tried all the tests you suggested and all OK apart from a few cookies
which don`t really matter.Thanks for that.


  Skyver 18:26 03 Feb 2006

Running McAfee Security Centre on this particular machine and it picks up Eicar every time.

  VoG II 18:28 03 Feb 2006

Just about to post exactly the same.

  Skyver 18:33 03 Feb 2006

McAfee Virus scan
Build 9.1.10
Engine 4.4.00
DAT version 40.4687
Dat file dated 1st of this month, although there was an autoupdate this morning.
Give your settings a thorough once-over Ray5776.

  Halmer 18:41 03 Feb 2006

Tells me that I should adjust my firewall (ZA). Any idea how please?

  octal 18:44 03 Feb 2006

I've got Eicar on my Linux machine because it hardly ever receives a virus I've no means of checking and Bitdefender finds it everytime, so it should work.

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