antivirus hell

  slimvices 08:40 05 Jun 2005

can anybody help with this.
1/ i have just renewed my mcafee internet security package(upgrade from ver6 to ver7).

2/ now i cannot get on the internet and i cannot verify the privacy service with mcafee. i was able to verify the rest of the modules in the internet security package but when it came to the privacy service things went wrong. note that i could get on the internet before it came to this stage, now i cannot even access goggle(even when i spell it right). the message i see is the cannot find server message. there is nothing wrong with the internet connection.

best regards

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:55 05 Jun 2005

Didn't you post a thread about the need for no AV?........just to refresh your here



  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:19 05 Jun 2005

So not only have you now installed an AV program you've paid for it and it is giving you problems.

Laugh over

Best Advice
Uninstall it take it back get you're money back and install the free ones from your previous thread.

  Belatucadrus 12:23 05 Jun 2005

Excuse me for pointing out one small matter,
" (i earn my living on my pc) " a direct quote from slimvices original thread, as such he's not eligible for the free license, indeed if he used them would be guilty of software theft and potential actions by FAST click here . There is as far as I'm aware only one free AV package he could use and that's the rather limited ClamWin click here and while better than nothing, if you aren't using Outlook as a mail client very limited.
So in this case purchasing a commercial package was the correct option, just unfortunate it was one of those invasive do everything packages beloved of McAfee and Norton.

  DieSse 12:28 05 Jun 2005

As I beleive I must have pointed out rather too many times in the past - You'll have few if any problems from NOD32 click here and get a superior solution into the bargain.

  Pine Man 14:43 05 Jun 2005

Read his thread again, he has udated from v6 to v7, he had AV all the time. The blokes just taking the p..s!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:02 05 Jun 2005

Oh how we laughed.


  slimvices 20:07 05 Jun 2005

i have never said not to use av software. I said at all seems to be a "ripoff" in that its the one piece of software we use that requires a disproportionate amount of our input to keep running . The pc i have been having problems on has always been fully protected( those out there who think I dont use Av protection have not read the original thread correctly). I do ahve pc with no protection on it but that one has nothing of value on it . In fact it has come in handy today, (the problems I have had installing the updated software have left my main pc unprotected) so I used my "rat pc" to talk to the online help people to get the problem rectified, which it now is.
This experience haas only re-enforced my belief that we are being taken for a ride by some of these companies.
this wekkends experience in full for those who dont quite understand what I am on about.
1/ "av" software tells me its time to renew subscription.
2/ log onto net to get new subscription and download 32Mb installation file.
3/ install software
4/ verify virus scan
5/ verify spamkiller
6/ verify personal firewall
7/ verify privacy service, then get message to verify privacy service again(hello whats this). try one more time but get "cannot connect to server"(oh hum here we go again). Try to get on net to talk to help desk, but cannot "connect to server".
8/ get onto "ratpc"(this old boy has never let me down)
9/ talk to help desk
10/ 1 hour later they suggest i uninstall the privacy service then re-install it again(er, but isnt that what the instalation software supposed to do)
11/ do the above and it seems to work, but hang on a minute the pc is dog slow. turns out Sqlserv.exe is using 100% resource.
12/ back to the help desk. "we think its a microsoft problem sir"(this iaa a reoccurrring them by a lot of companies when there products fall down. I point out that my pc ran as sweet as anut before downloading there application, so it would only seem reasonable to offer to help.
13/ they suggest that I uninstall all mccafee products then re-install them, as there could be some old files left over that were not deleted by the new installation (note the new installation software said it would take care of deleteing the old file ss for me).
14/ so we do as we are instructed
15/ but now I have no protection at all as none of the packages can be verified. so its bck to the help desk.
16/ turns out when you manually delete the software it alsso deletes the acoount information(wouldd be nice to be tolsd this first timee round)
17/ so reload account info tht is sent to my "ratpc". then manually ransfered to my main pc.
18/ can finaly verify and upgrade all the software, and it appears to be working, but only time will tell as the problem with the cpu usage seemed to come and go at bootup, so untill I have rebooted and done some work I wont know.
total time spnt on this "gem" 15 hrs.

Now if I had been upgrading any other software on my machine(and I have to do this quite frequently for my work programs) the job would have taken no longer than 1 hour.

there have been some people on here going on about you would leave your house unlocked etc, and they are correct, but at the same time you wouldnt buy a house with no doors or windows in the first place like we do with pc's.

Its very clear to me that this is a big issue . just look at how many threads here are relating to malware and the like(and its the same on other forums aswell)

For those who think this is all a bit funny they should read the original post agin as I was merely recounting my experiences when loading "av" software onto maachines that i expected to be badly infected. After reading all the replies to the original post I have concluded that i didnt have the problems I was expecting probably due to my own surfing habits and general housekeeping.(i would not touch a link with "click here" you dont know what it is)

neeed to put the rest in another post

  slimvices 20:08 05 Jun 2005

I will try some of the free recommended packages metioned on ths forum on my "rat pc" to see what happens but that will be a while off as I am short of time at the moment, but when I do I will post on the results.

If you read the end of the orriginal post you should be able to better understand what I am on about. there is a long bit about how most pc users dont have the ability or the inclination to deal with this sort of stuff. they just want to lark about on the things and when it goes wrong it gets chucked in the corner with tht old amiga/bbcmicro/atari/games console, until the next best thing comees out, or they just buy a new one as it is less hassle than fixing the old. people like me see the pc as a tool to do a job not something to play with and the data I generate is the bit that is important. by the way all my data is backed up onto an external hard drive every day and I have three hard drives that get rotated to ensure I always have plenty of backups, whch again is a lot more than what most people will do. If you know someone who has a pc but is not an in depth user(like the sort of people we meet here) ask them what backup and av they uuse and you will quite surprised by the response. The experience I have had this weekend is the eason why most people dont bother enough with protection because they just see it as too much hassle.

any way its been a long day(please excuse the spelling and grammer)and i wish you all the best(even the ones that still think this is funny)
hopefully someone who might be able to have a small influence on these things might be able to get the "industry ball" rolling in the right direction(but wont count on it)


  DieSse 23:26 05 Jun 2005

"As I beleive I must have pointed out rather too many times in the past - You'll have few if any problems from NOD32 and get a superior solution into the bargain."

And I'll say it again - download it (less than 10Mb) - install it - forget it. Total time 20Min? if your line speed is not too fast. click here

New versions - included in the annual fee - just another on-line update. Once a year you just buy a new username/password - or keep the same one - or buy a multiyear licence - total time minutes.

The fastest there is - by far

The best detection results - read The Virus Bulletin.

Drawback - you do need a separate firewall - Sygate Personal free from Sygate

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