Antivirus Gold

  tonyx1302 12:45 16 Jul 2005

How can I delete it please. I have tried A2/ MS anti SW etc. etc. but still it remains. I have run A2, deleted Agold turned off system restore and tried to delete it that way but it is still on my XP system.

I asked Google but it suggested going into my reg. which is an unknown area to me so left well alone.
I would be grateful for any help as I have run out of ideas and patience!!!

Many thanks


  radi8or 12:56 16 Jul 2005


Have a read
click here

Ragards Bob

  radi8or 12:59 16 Jul 2005


Should read 'Regards' sticky fingers :0))

Regards Bob

  tonyx1302 13:09 16 Jul 2005

Thanks for coming back so quickly. I have looked at your suggested post but unfortunatly I am totally out off my depth with Highjacks etc and I dont know were to start looking to find a file that contains the Antivirus Gold problem. My computer 'skills' are VERY limited and I was hoping that someone could suggest a simple idiot proof prog that would delete it for me.


  VoG II 13:17 16 Jul 2005

Run HijackThis click here and post a log on this specialised forum click here

  radi8or 13:34 16 Jul 2005


Have done a google search on Antivirus Gold and as you say there are some complicated fixes for this particular nasty.

Found this,if you want to have a look
click here
but i'm afraid it's not free.

I'll have another look see if i can find anything else, least ways this will bump you up some one may know how to get rid of this easier,

Regards Bob

  tonyx1302 13:34 16 Jul 2005

Many thanks for your response. I am really sorry but I have never been in this area of computer repair before (see my previous post) re HighjackThis and posting the results etc so I don't know what I should do next. I have downloaded H/This and have a menu asking me what I would like to do.....System scan and save log..........System scan only........Open this H/Jack on quickstart only.........
I would be very grateful if can lead me slowly through the process if you have the time or if not, when you can.

Thanking you


  tonyx1302 13:38 16 Jul 2005

Thanks for that but being an O.A.P and having to watch the outgoings thanks to Mr Blair, I was hopefull of find a freebie to get rid of it. Antivirus Gold not Mr Blair

  stalion 13:49 16 Jul 2005

1.Download hijack this to it's own folder
2.system scan and save log your saved log on the malaware forum which is there to help with hijack logs,they will tell you what to do to clear up your problem
If you need more help just ask

  radi8or 14:01 16 Jul 2005


Sorry mate but searching through google seems you have picked up a real nasty, couldn't see any freebies unfortunately.

Most of the fixes seem to go with VoG™ and stalion,s suggestion, if you get into trouble post back

Regards Bob

  Nellie2 14:53 16 Jul 2005

The good people at Malware Removal will be able to help you clean your system without having to buy any specialist software. There are tools that we use but they can be had for free.

When you post your hijackthis log, make sure you tell the helpers that you don't know how to delete files etc and need to be talked through the steps.

If there is anything you don't understand then say so, they will be quite happy to tailor their replies to your level of understanding and remember... we were all new at this at one time or another, you learn as you go on! :-)

To post your hijack log, click scan and save logfile, when the scan has finished a notepad window will open up.

Go to Edit > Select All, then Edit > Copy

This will copy the contents of the notepad file, you can then right click on the forum text box and select paste, that will paste the contents of your clipboard into the forum.

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