Antivirus Comparisons

  SURVEY 12:08 16 Mar 2006

I read very recently a forum posting in which there was a link to a magazine test of various AV programs. I cannot relocate this via the Forum Search engine. However I do remember that AVG did not feature that well compared with Norton AV, particularly in the heuristic tests. Is this important? What are these items?

I have recently uninstalled Norton and replaced it with AVG on my laptop but still have Norton Security on my desktop. My subscription to Norton will expire in a few months and I am toying with the idea of using AVG on the desktop instead. To date the AVG has been fine but if there is a chance that it will miss something that Norton would pick up, I would rather pay the subscription to Norton.

  rmcqua 12:50 16 Mar 2006

I don't think any A/V program, paid for or free, is going to be guaranteed to pick up absolutely any problem. However, given the freuency with which AVG (and others) updates its virus database, and the way in which it has kept my system clean since I started using it, I'm happy to rely on AVG. I could probably say just the same for Avast, but I don't currently use it.

  SURVEY 13:06 16 Mar 2006

I am sure that yuo are corrcet. What are the heuristics that apparently AVG is not so good at picking up?

  dms05 13:19 16 Mar 2006

I've used AVG for a long period and had no infection of any kind. In addition I also use MS Defender for spyware and Sygate as a Firewall. They seem to offer pretty good protection. I'm sure other programs from other AV, AntiSpyware, Firewall will work just as well. The important point is (i) update frequently (ii) run the scans frequently. Doing both of these has kept my 3 year old Toshiba clean fron day 1.

  gudgulf 13:20 16 Mar 2006

Heuristics is a way of scanning for files or programs that display the same characteristics as known malware.

It is done as a method of ,hopefully,picking up new variants of viruses or new malware that works in the same way as known types before specific definitions are produced.

How effective it is is open to debate.....many in depth heuristic scanners find a lot of "false positives".....and you might find yourself deleting useful if not essential files as a result.Mcafee have recently had such a problem click here where the scanner even picked up essential system file.

The best thing you can do is give AVG or avast a go along with a good free firewall such a ZoneAlarm or Sunbelt/Kerio free version.

Best paid for AV in my opinion is NOD32.

I personally wpnt return to Norton after using Internet Security 2003/04/05.

  ventanas 13:55 16 Mar 2006

click here There are some comparisons here.

But the best, either paid for or free, is without doubt NOD32

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