AntiVir not updating

  cowgirl66 20:48 23 Apr 2007

I am using AntiVir antivirus and it is set to update automatically every day. But it isn't doing this and when I try to manually update it it tries to connect to different servers but all with no result. My firewall is Comodo and it is configured to allow the Antivir TCP/UDP "update.exe" IN and OUT.

Please, if anyone can tell me what I should do to allow AntiVir to update, I'd much appreciate it.

Regards cowgirl66

  birdface 07:48 24 Apr 2007

I suppose you could either uninstall your anti virus Run C Cleaner and then reinstall it,Or maybe try that with your firewall first.

  Miros 08:45 24 Apr 2007

On occasion this has happened to me with Comodo, My answer is to reboot and when manually click on update ( if it doesn't start to update itself )Comodo then usually asks you to OK it, click OK, and make sure the OK box is ticked again.

  Miros 08:47 24 Apr 2007

Oops, substitute then manually for when manually.

  cowgirl66 10:22 24 Apr 2007


I will probably do that if all else fails. I say that because this morning Antivir updated all by itself! But only after my efforts to do so manually, all without success I might add. I noiced though that when it went throught the update process, my antispyware realtime protection wasn't in the systray (SpywareTerminator), could that be something to do with blocking the update?


Comodo firewall doesn't even ask if I want to allow the update to go ahead. No access permission , no nothing.

Which leaves me wondering if it is the firewwall at all, or is it the antispyware...

What say you?

  gudgulf 10:29 24 Apr 2007

I've just tried on my pc....It was telling me AntiVir had not updated for 3 days....and success!

Try running the updater again.

Iffy connection to the update server with the free version from time to time is my only gripe with Antivir.

You just need to be patient and keep trying.

  Miros 10:35 24 Apr 2007

Right click Comodo in system tray, open it up. Click on application monitor to see if AntiVir is blocked? if it's OK and allowed then Comodo shouldn't be your problem.

Could be that the update site is having problems itself!

On the other hand if you now suspect it's antispyware, disable it the antispyware while you update.

  cowgirl66 10:36 24 Apr 2007

Hi gudgulf

thanks for your input. By the way, is it right to allow IN as well as OUT for the update.exe? By right, I mean 'safe'.

I only ask because when I installed AntiVir - Comodo didn't recognise the update.exe file and I had to add it myself. I didn't know whether to allow IN as well as OUT.

Even the application wizard didnt' recognise the file even though I ran it a couple of times to make sure it wasn't just me!

  cowgirl66 10:38 24 Apr 2007

I will do that next time I update and see what happens.

  cowgirl66 11:19 24 Apr 2007

Success! It has now updated manually as well with both the firewall and antispyware running.

You were all right; busy servers mean late updates.

I notice too there is an expert mode for this antivirus hidden away. I learnt all about it here. click here

  Miros 17:14 24 Apr 2007

Question, answers, responses, success, all in two days, now that's the way to do it, a pity they can't all be like that!

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