Antispyware, SuperAntiSpyware or Malwarebytes?

  Granny. 14:22 04 Nov 2008

I`ve been having a few problems with my PC, but finally got them sorted out with the help of my ISPs` technical team.

I`ve been advised that I should use just one good antispyware program, and am using SuperAntiSpyware at the moment.

But I`ve heard that Malwarebytes is as good as, if not better, so, as always, would appreciate your opinions please.

  birdface 14:32 04 Nov 2008

Use both ocasionally.

  birdface 14:33 04 Nov 2008

What other Security programs have you got including Firewall.

  Granny. 14:41 04 Nov 2008

Thanks Buteman.

Well, apart from SuperAntiSpyware, I`ve got Avast antivirus and am using Windows XP firewall.

I used to have ZoneAlarm and Spywarebuster, but was advised to take them off as they were causing confict or something like that.

(Sorry, I`m not very technically minded!)

  birdface 16:48 04 Nov 2008

If you mean Spywareblaster I would reinstall that.Malwarebytes free you could also download that as well.And run SuperantiSpyware as your main Anti-Spyware program and maybe once a month run malwareBytes.Windows Firewall if you don't go into any bad sites should be Ok But unfortunately in this day and age a better firewall would be help.

  T I M B O 17:02 04 Nov 2008

No one programe catches all the bugs out there. I use malwarebytes, a-squared, spybot, no-adaware, spywareguard.

I have noticed that lavasoft(ad aware) does not seem to work as well as it used to do, but if you stick to some of those u have mentioned, then im sure u will surf just fine ;-))

  Rahere 17:09 04 Nov 2008

agree with buteman
reinstall spyware blaster - as this doesn't run all the time there should be little conflict - it does is stop you browsing hazardous sites and picking up some nasties hidden in webpages.

a better firewalls is a good idea if you surf for long periods - I use Comodo but many prefer a little more help setting up so try Online Armor (sic) or Zonealarm - all have free versions available

  Granny. 16:55 05 Nov 2008

Thank you for that advice everyone everyone.

If I`ve got it right about the antispyware programmes, I think you`re saying that Superantispyware is the best one to use, with Malwarebytes as an occasional backup?

Please forgive my ignorance, but how does Spywareblaster stop you browsing bad sites.

I`m not being funny, I`m just trying to learn as I go along, and I`ve always got brilliant advice on here...

  hiwatt 17:09 05 Nov 2008

Spywareblaster stops certain malicious programs from installing on your computer in the first place and it also blocks spying and tracking cookies.

  DippyGirl 17:31 05 Nov 2008

It has a blacklist which you have to keep uptodate for it to be of max use. Autoupdate isnt available in the free-version , but it only takes a few seconds to get an update (just need to remember.. set a reminder to pop weekly??)
Your browser is then set to use this database to "protect" itself
You can add your own "protection" or choose to unset the downloaded "protection" at an item level
More info from click here

I agree with Granny and buteman SuperAntispyware, malwarebytes, a-squared, spybot all good to have and use
and a good firewall (I use Comodo, ZA got a bit needy)

  RobCharles1981 18:50 05 Nov 2008

I'm wondering too what is good.

I'm using x64 Edtion and I used to use Spyware Terminiator on the 32bit Version 64bit doesn't support x64 so I had to settle for Windows Defender I want to change it.



Avast and Comodo

Super Antispyware
Spyware Blaster
Malware Bytes

Thanks All


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