Antispyware Soft/unwanted web redirections

  morters 09:29 28 May 2010

I recently had an Antispyware Soft attack. I thought this had been resolved by scanning with Malwarebytes - certainly I can now open programmes like Word that I previously couldn't and have stopped getting all the warning/error messages.

However things ain't what they used to be and I am suffering the following:

1 my internet connection is automatically dialing up with no prompting from me.

2 every so often a new browser tab opens with some kind of survey/shopping site, again with no prompting from me.

3 when doing a Google search, if I click on a site that appears to be, say, NatWest, I am redirected to, usually, a search machine linked to, in this case, NatWest/banking. Very often it's Ask Jeeves; sometimes it's other machines which are impossible to escape from by clicking the back arrow on Firefox.

As an example of the above, I clicked on a recipe from Waitrose. First I got a play online poker site. Clicking on the Waitrose entry again, I got the free dictionary site. My third attempt got me Only on the fourth attempt did I get the Waitrose site indicated by Google.

At best this is inconvenient and time-consuming. At worst...well who knows? But whatever, it's rather worrying.

Anyone got any suggestions?

  cocteau48 09:45 28 May 2010

Have a look here:click here

You can either d/l the removal tool or it details how you can remove it manually.

Have not used it myself but it may help.

  morters 09:54 28 May 2010

Thanks, cocteau48, that site looks kosher but, without wishing to appear rude or ungrateful, since you havn't tried it I'll wait a bit and see if anyone else knows it's safe/kosher. Antispyware Soft's impersonations left me feeling very paranoid and mistrusting of unproven sites.

  Big L 266 09:56 28 May 2010

Hello morters.

You definitely have more bugs in your computer which have yet to be removed. Your thread suggests your online security could do with some major improvement. That said, I would do the following to get rid of these bugs;-.

1.Download a full trial version of the Avast Internet Security Suite 5.0 and run it according to the instructions. Follow the link below for the trial via CNET.

click here

This alone should remove the remaining bugs.Once you've run this,reboot and hopefully all will start as normal.

I would strongly recommend that you get a fully-fledged paid-for up-to-date complete security suite to try and prevent these little nasties popping up on your computer.

Please let us know the outcome.

Good luck.

Big L 266

  morters 10:03 28 May 2010

Thanks, Big L 266, will report back when downloaded and scanned.

  birdface 10:20 28 May 2010

I cannot see downloading an Anti-virus program is going to clear it up.
I hope I am proved wrong though.

maybe try Trojan remover if Avast does not clear it.

click here

This is a pay for program with a 30 day trial but it will remove any problems that it finds.
if it asks for payment ignore it and carry on with the scan.
When you have time I would run all of your security programs in safe mode.[just keep tapping F8 as the computer starts]
Remove all that they find then run C Cleaner to get rid of the parts left behind.
And then switch off System restore reboot and then switch system restore back on.
See if that gets your computer clean.
What Anti-Virus were you using before downloading Avast.

  morters 10:45 28 May 2010

Big L 266, tried to install Avast but got following message:

"The software you are installing has not passed Windows Logo testing to verify its compatibility with Windows XP...Continuing installation of this software may impair or destabilize the correct operation of your system..."

My fault, I should have specified operating system but have aborted installation.

buteman, I have AVG free, Spywareblaster, SpwareGuard and, of course, Malwarebytes. Unfortunately I already have Trojan remover but the free version is expired!

Unless I hear otherwise from you fairly soon, I'll try your safe mode suggestion. Thanks for your help.

  birdface 10:57 28 May 2010

To install Avast you would need to have removed AVG First I believe.
Try Superantispyware instead of Trojan remover then.
Update it then run it in safe mode.

click here

I would keep it along with Malwarebytes and use when required.

  morters 11:09 28 May 2010

Thanks again, buteman, will try this. Will obviously be out of touch for some time.

Incidently, cocteau48, suspect your site is ok/kosher because the site suggests other ways of removing Antispyware Soft, including Malwarebytes which since it has had significant if incomplete success would hardly be suggested if the site was not kosher.

  Atlantic Man 11:53 28 May 2010

Sup dude,
Ok let me break it down for you.

A.) Running AVG free, Spywareblaster, SpwareGuard and Malwarebytes is a lot of programs, and is not really necessary.
B.) Using Avira, Mallwarebytes and AVG free always does the job all the way, just remember to always update your software.
C.) Running Spywareblaster, SpwareGuard is not always recommended because it is possible that spyware, malware or greyware, may be hiding within those folders.

Now, your questions.
1.) Check internet settings and try switching off all "connect automatically" settings.
Otherwise it’s a hi-jack virus, not spyware, because viruses tend to control your pc where spyware can only send data. Use updated AVG

2.) That only opens because you are entering sites which has pop-ups. A pop-up will never prompt for your permission Hench the name.

In IE 7 or 8:: Change this in - Tools, internet options, privacy, and select "turn on pop-up blocker." check settings, to suite your level of control.

3.) Redirection??, you will never get rid of.
Many sites move the whole time, to new ISP's and gets new URL's and stuff.
Then the old website will get a redirection link on to guide it to the new URL, so nothing to do there i am afraid.

Also check out, "security tab" in "internet options", and select custom level.,
there you can specify what is allowed and what needs to prompt.

Hope this helps

Atlantic Computers

  Sea Urchin 12:24 28 May 2010

I will draw a veil over Atlantic Man's posting :@)

Malwarebytes is the program to remove AntiSpyware Soft - but you do need to do quite a bit of preparation first so that it can work successfully. Follow these instructions to the letter, and notice that you will need to download Malwarebytes again - your current copy will have been severely corrupted by the virus.

click here

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