antimalware AKA windows defender) using excessive

  dearboy 11:22 05 Nov 2015

I am findin using taskmanmager that windows defender AKA antimaleware is using an excessive amouynt of memory/CPU slowing everthing down drastically. I was surprised to learn that this is a well known problem, . cannot understand that microsoft (who encourages us to use this program!) has not issued a fix?? Question is , if there a simple way of correcting this ? without needing a degree in computer management!! thanks dave

  Govan1x 11:31 05 Nov 2015

Yes go to Services and double click Windows defender and disable it and stop it from running.

  Govan1x 11:40 05 Nov 2015

AKA antimaleware. Never heard of it like that. I take it that is Malwarebytes. Unfortunately i have had to stop that running at start up and set it to run manually as it takes up a lot of my cpu and most of my disk space. it also takes 1.5 hours to do a full scan on a computer that has got very little on it. Using w10 just now but it was the same on W8.

  rdave13 12:09 05 Nov 2015

Since I had a few problems with Avast 2015 I uninstalled it and have been running Defender on Windows 10 for a while. Same as you, high CPU usage until it settles. So I'm now running Avast 2016 free from this link, click here , the download link is at the bottom of page. So far so good and my APU isn't hammered so much and the scans are faster.

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