Anti-virus - what's best without costing the earth

  Norwegian Blue 19:43 30 Nov 2004

Norton have kindly informed me that NAV2000 subscription no longer supported, so it's at least £30 for NAV2005. Any advice to avoid lining Symantec's pockets or suggestions of a AV program that doen't mean you get ripped off after a few years?

  Lionheart ? 19:48 30 Nov 2004

I use AVG free click here
alot of the forum members recommend it.

  Technotiger 19:48 30 Nov 2004

Hi, download AVG7 (Free) very good, if not the best. Just type in AVG in the address line.

  RobbyS 19:50 30 Nov 2004

I have been running a free version of AntiVir since I installed SP2. Spot on, no probs and free updates, several times a day if you want.
Just go to and grab a copy, if it works with XP Pro then it can't be bad!


  Graham ® 19:54 30 Nov 2004

AVG7 gets my vote.

PS. Beautiful plumage!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:55 30 Nov 2004

AVG gets my vote + the 80 people on my mailing list. click here


  Technotiger 19:57 30 Nov 2004

See!! 3 out of 4 cats say their owners prefer it. :-))

  Norwegian Blue 19:58 30 Nov 2004

Thanks for the advice - will try one or both of these. Any problems running either with Zone alarm? (The free version)

  Technotiger 19:59 30 Nov 2004

No Problems with ZA.

  JoeC 20:00 30 Nov 2004
  Norwegian Blue 20:02 30 Nov 2004

OK, thanks for all the info, will be glad to be free of the rip off merchants. Don't mind paying for anything, but being ripped off sticks in the throat.

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