Anti - Virus Trouble

  Mad Boy 19:57 19 May 2003

I was recently having trouble with Mcafee Virus Scan Professional, i just found out that Zone Alarm is conflicting in some way or another. Anyway I was advised to use AVG but the free version isnt installing correctly as Windows freezes. Anyway A friend said i could use his copy of Norton Antivirus, would this conflict with Zone Alarm?

Please note that I currently dont have a anti virus program so i need some kind of software ASAP!


  expertec 20:04 19 May 2003

I think using his copy of NAV would be illegal

  Mad Boy 20:06 19 May 2003

ok, so any other ideas?

  expertec 20:09 19 May 2003

use a different firewall?

  Mad Boy 20:16 19 May 2003

any recommendations?

  Mad Boy 20:17 19 May 2003

any recommendations?

  expertec 20:21 19 May 2003

Other forum members have recommended Sygate from click here and Outpost from click here

  DieSse 21:20 19 May 2003

I would also recommend NOD32 as your AV - it's much less likely to conflict, and runs much faster tha any other (well known) AV program. click here

  mammak 21:58 19 May 2003

i am a big time novice to all these big time comp know all,s i dont have a fire wall now cant be done eith it, cause i have norton 2003 antivirus it is a swine for conflicting wie almost anthing :ie my web cam would it let it work not, i paid for the thing so am going let it run, i had a mother oh a virus that eat my whole comp in no time an that was on Macafee paid for again me i sit pretty, an wait havent found anther firewall that will run with norton

  Mad Boy 00:28 20 May 2003

i still need one fast, FREE preferably

  terminus 01:37 20 May 2003

click here

anti virus
click here

I run both with XPpro without problems

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