Anti Virus & Spyware

  muffin1947 22:30 22 Jun 2008

Could anyone advise on the best free Anti-Virus and Spyware I can get.At present I have Windows Defender.AFG Free V8 and Spyware Blaster.I did install Windows Live Open care but I had problems with it.There must be some more decent programmes around.

  provider 2 22:42 22 Jun 2008

If you mean quite literally anti-spyware AND anti-virus in the same program, each part doing as comprehensive a job as the other, then I`m not sure if there is a quick answer either in the free or paid-for editions of these things.

Avast! has an anti-spyware and anti-rootkit components which seem to work reasonably well but certainly don`t make it any faster, but AVG`s attempt to do much the same thing in AVG 8.0 seems not to have been entirely successful so far, anyway.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:51 22 Jun 2008


Avast or AVG


Spywareblaster + real time scanner (Windows defender is free) and a backup scanner - superantispyware
(most free antispy won't realtime scan)

  woodchip 23:34 22 Jun 2008

I use Avast, and no Anti-Spyware on any of my computer

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:21 23 Jun 2008

I'm with Woodchip on this.


  handful 12:29 23 Jun 2008

After many years of using AVG I have now ditched it due to it slowing my laptop to snail's pace. I went from an XP laptop with AVG 7.5 to a Vista one with Version 8 so I don't know if it was AVG that was the problem or some incompatability with Vista but after switching to Avast, I have no problems whatsoever. Hence I would recommend Avast.

  sinbads 13:36 23 Jun 2008

AVG8 for me, and many others works fine, in fact a big improvement on its previous version; however, some have experienced problems, then again i don't have any conflicting programs.

Whichever program you decide its best to use only one antivirus/one firewall/one realtime scanner

  birdface 13:47 23 Jun 2008

Like Fruit Bat says all you need to add is Spywareblaster and just run it occasionally.

  birdface 13:47 23 Jun 2008

Sorry.I meant Superantispyware.

  muffin1947 20:07 23 Jun 2008

To all you guys who responded to my posting about anti virus and spyware programmes.I now have the following installed. Avira Antivir,Superantispyware,Windows Defender and Spywareblaster.Would love to hear all your opinions.Is this ample and what about a firewall.Thanks for your replies...


  skidzy 20:13 23 Jun 2008

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