Anti Virus Software Test

  AlanHo 23:52 30 Mar 2003

My McAfee anti virus software licence has just expired and before paying out nearly £30 on version 7 I decided to give AVG a try.

I have downloaded the free version and then tested it by using the link click here

I am concerned about the test results because a number of vulnerabilities were exposed giving the appearance that AVG is not very secure.

Any comments before I purchase McAfee again ?

  monkeyshine 00:03 31 Mar 2003

If you feel safer spending £30 go ahead. Lots of us will stick with AVG.

  powerless 00:04 31 Mar 2003

Did you update AVG?

click here for some test result of AV.

  MAJ 00:05 31 Mar 2003

It'll be interesting to see the results of a few tests with different anti-virus software packages, AlanHo. For my part, I've used AVG for a couple of years now and never, to my knowledge, have had a virus infect my system, via email, yet. I have received emails with viruses attached but AVG discovered and cured those.

  leo49 00:07 31 Mar 2003

The 'test' is a load of hokum. Believe it if you want,it's your money to waste.Me,I'll stay virus-free with AVG.


  Belatucadrus 00:09 31 Mar 2003

If the AVG results bother you try click here Avast4, it is another freebie, but has a better track record in the virus bulletin tests.

  woodchip 00:13 31 Mar 2003

Never had a virus so would not know what to do with one anyway, I do not have E-Mail protection other than My AV that looks for any activity that should not be going on and alert's me if it thinks there is something that should not be there

  DieSse 00:14 31 Mar 2003

If you want to see the results of the most respected professional test organisation - click here

Mine and others personal experiences are but a rough guide, as no one person ever gets sent more than a few viruses.

I use NOD32 click here , because it has the best test record at the Virus Bulletin of any virus program, and it has a lower impact on system performance than any other. Money well spent.

  powerless 00:20 31 Mar 2003


Nice site there i ran those tests and i passed them all. Norton AV 2003 and Zonealarm even poped up a message about running a script.


If AVG cannot detect a virus (one that AVG cannot detect) how do you know you have not one on your computer?

  DieSse 00:20 31 Mar 2003

PS - the link you gave is not a test of virus detection - it's a set of tets of whether you have installed certain Crtical Updates, which leave your system open to particular types of virus. Even if your system is open, that's not to say your AV program will fail to detect a virus that exploits these vulnerabilities.

The Eicar test "virus" merely checks how your AV software handles detected viruses, and that it is actually operational. It's not a real virus, simply a pattern that all AV programs should treat as if it were - it lets you see how detection looks before you get a real one.

  bloo meeny 00:24 31 Mar 2003

Just tried the tests you linked to ...
My AVG (Free Edition) passed ALL of them except ONE - which just reads back basic system info anyway.
As mentioned, any AV must be kept updated.

I'm happy with AVG :)

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