anti virus software rip off

  slimvices 12:26 27 May 2005

I believe that anti-virus software is a con.
I have a laptop running windows xp, I fitted antivirus software and internet suite from new(about 6 months ago). The time I have spent downloading updates, and debugging applications that seem to play up when antivirus/ privacy software/anti spam software is installed, has been longer than if my system had been trashed by malicious software and rebuilt manually(i earn my living on my pc). I also had a xp laptop that had been running for 18 months with no protection(full internet use by all the family). then 6 months ago I loaded full antivirus/spyware/privacy/antispam software, only to find that nothing was found on the system when the software finished scanning(it did warn about some vulnerabilities ,but these turned out to be windows updates etc that i need. I had expected it to find a couple of breaches(especially as the industry is always telling us how vulberable we are). Finally I have an old windows 98 machine that has never had any antivirus software etc and this has been used and abused on the internet by most people I know. last week I treated it to a spybot scan and some other online security scans. result NO ISSUES!!. I can only conclude from my experience that we have been largely taken for a ride on this subject. iI would be usefull to point out that I dont open e-mails unless the header could only be written by someone I know or am expecting(unsolicited e-mail gets fried), and I never click on add banners on web sites.
Does anybody have any opinions on this subject.
got to go, apparently theres a antivirus update begging for my attention!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:34 27 May 2005

Errrm yeah OK.


  2neat 12:42 27 May 2005

Suppose you know someone that smoked 60 a day and lived till 100 too!


  wee eddie 12:42 27 May 2005

She got it from a friends mail, etc.

My AV had not been updated for about a month as I never spent long on the web with that PC.

It was a serious nuisance and I had a lot of unrecoverable files.

AV's are not a rip off, so long as wee smart asses think it's funny to write them.

  Sans le Sou 12:44 27 May 2005

The trouble is that a lot of attacks you do not know about because they leave no trace. I think it is wise to stealth your ports otherwise a lot of your private information could be viewed. My computer seems to get swept on a regular basis by some backdoor trojan or another according to my firewall reports.

  Magik ®© 12:46 27 May 2005

i have an old compaq PC which i reformatted about a year ago, since then it has not been connected to the internet, just used for playing games, that has no spyware or any viruses...

  jimv7 12:48 27 May 2005

Incredible, you obviously know more than I do, last year, a major security firm in the US connected an unprotected pc to the internet, it took 27secs for the blaster worm to infect the pc, let alone the malware/spyware files.

Are you sure your connecting to the internet and not a local network.

  GroupFC 12:49 27 May 2005

You do what you want and let others decide for themselves!

How is it a rip off when it's free!?

  Belatucadrus 12:54 27 May 2005

Do you want to be more specific as to what "full antivirus/spyware/privacy/antispam software" caused so much grief. Many of us here are using free AV packages with automatic updates, we're virus free and not feeling ripped off. OK so you're not elligable for the free non profit license as you earn your living on the PC, but the point is that many AV packages run quietly in the background rarely causing problems, perhaps because they're less invasive than the 'one stop' fix everything packages.

  dogbreath1 13:34 27 May 2005

Part of what you say is opinion. Namely the value for money or otherwise of paid for AV packages. What is a fact is that you do need AV software to protect your p.c. and that adequate protection is free, simple to install and usually maintenance free. Back to opinion, I have found paid for internet security suites to be unreliable, resource hogs and deeply invasive...and they tend to have an ongoing update cost. I think the answer is, therefore, obvious. With one free AV (Avast/AVG), one free Firewall (Zone Alarm, Sygate, Kerio) and one or more Antimalware progs. (MS Antispyware, SpywareGuard, PrevX)you should be safe...and a little financially better off!

  DieSse 13:36 27 May 2005

I suppose you think locks on your doors are a con, because you've never been broken into?

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