Anti-Virus Software

  Dazwm 18:18 07 Jun 2003

Hi, can anyone recommend a free downloadable anti-virus software which isn't to complicated and "quietly gets on with the job".

  MartinT-B 18:23 07 Jun 2003

1) you ge what you pay for

2) if you 'let it get on with the job' you'll never get updates, in which case you may as well not bother.

  zanwalk 18:30 07 Jun 2003

Try this program, it can be scheduled to update automatically and has many users on this forum:

click here

  Reformat 19:26 07 Jun 2003

AVG does not id ANY trojans - try click here

  Taw 19:42 07 Jun 2003

maybe should start a new thread but can you run more than one Anti virus program? Answer is probably yes, so is it wise to do so?

  VoG™ 19:44 07 Jun 2003

No!, No!, No!

Only if you want to slow your system to a crawl.

Anti-virus programs chase each others tails if more than one is installed (sorry to be so technical).

  Taw 19:50 07 Jun 2003

thanks for that Vog, I have AVG will it do what I need or should I splash out and buy a specefic software. Im a general user with ADSL and do the occassional surf, my kids download music from Kazaa tahts about it

  MartinT-B 19:54 07 Jun 2003


you get what you pay for.

You pay nothing, you get inadequate protection.

NAV is about £35.00 less then 10p per day.

  Belatucadrus 19:54 07 Jun 2003

Avast 4 has a better detection rate at Virus bulletin and can be set to update automatically

click here

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