anti virus program

  hinchie 22:12 19 Nov 2009

Hi all,
I know this subject has been approached before but i have money to spend and want to know the best antivirus program out there?


  RobCharles1981 22:17 19 Nov 2009

If its been approached why didn't you search for it?

Don't waste money on Antivirus Packages as explained in this thread click here

You will get them for free. I use Avira no problems whatsoever.

  hinchie 22:22 19 Nov 2009

so apart from been free what are the benefits?
its just i have been recommended eset nod32 (i think its called)

  RobCharles1981 22:24 19 Nov 2009

Well thats good if you want to pay.

The free ones do just the same thing save your money go down the pub and have a few beers!

  hinchie 22:27 19 Nov 2009

hmm pay for virus or pub... i will join u i think!!!

  Technotiger 23:07 19 Nov 2009

The recently new Microsoft Security Essentials is IMHO an excellent Free Anti-virus, it is also anti Malware too.

I have recently changed to this after having used AVG for many years.

click here

  gazzaho 08:45 20 Nov 2009

My thinking on the free anti virus packages is that you get what you pay for. Some people on this forum will strongly disagree with my viewpoint but that's what I feel.

I have my own opinions about these products and wouldn't want to impose it, if you opt for one of the well known brands you can't go far wrong. My advice would be to do a little research, for instance DANZIG asks in this post (click here) why Malwarebytes Anti-Malware found 21 infected files on a computer which was running avast, the files may have been quite harmless as he didn't mention what they were, but if it was on my system I'd be planning on jumping ship to another product.

  birdface 09:06 20 Nov 2009

It does not matter what ship you jump to you will always get the same problems.
It would be nice to think that you could get One Anti-Virus program whether paid for or not that would keep your computer fully protected.
Unfortunately this is not the case.
You need other security programs the likes of Malwarebytes.Superantispyware.A Squared or others to remove what gets past your Anti-Virus.
Malwarebytes is free and I think one of the best for removing unwanted intruders.
hinchie Nod32 is supposed to be the best Anti-Virus program.But remember to back it up with some good Anti-Malware programs.The 3 mentioned above come free or you can pay for them.

  User-1229748 09:10 20 Nov 2009

one of the reasons why all these rogues are so successfull is because some peeps think that you get what you pay for :o( read a piece a couple of years back that said the number of fake security software outnumbers the real by 4 to 1 .

  gazzaho 09:16 20 Nov 2009

I agree with you, I have MABAM and SAS installed, along with my security suite. Security is reactive and as a result no system is safe, my point was DANZIG on the other post has now found 38 infected files while using avast. I just ran MBAM and SAS on my system and found nothing, I'm not suggesting my security suite is superior, but it would appear on his system avast isn't doing a very good job.

My whole point was to do a little research and be aware of the failings of each program.

  birdface 10:17 20 Nov 2009

Anybody using malwarebytes for the first time will get an unpleasant surprise.
A lot of folk still use the likes of Spybot and Ad-Aware exspecting that to be good enough to keep there computers clean.
That may have been Ok about 8 years ago but not now.
Visited my nephew during the summer who had a fairly new laptop and he was running AVG[i think]plus spybot.
Its running great he said never ever have any problems with it.
I said why not run Malwarebytes just to see as your security programs are not very good.
20 odd problems it found quite a lot of them Trojans and password stealers .
So much for your clean computer i said.
I used to be the same before I started using the PCA forum.I learned a lot on here and now seldomely have any problems.[just with my spelling]
I used to use Virginmedia's own security program so you know how dumb I used to be. be.

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