anti - virus problem

  hargranules 15:58 09 Feb 2006

Hi have a pc that i have recently upgraded to xp. Pc is working fine but when i tried to load mcafee antivirus scan it encountered some problems. it installed and updated fine but when i tried to scan it came up with microsoft message mcshield.exe had to close also mcsfee html had to close. I got in touch with mcafee help they gave me two registry keysd to delete. Did this but still wouldn't work got the same error messages.

I then tried to load avast antivirus it downloaded ok but when i tried to load it said setupeng.exe had to close.

I have loaded zonealarm firewall that loaded ok and all other programs seem to be fine.

Is this just a coincidence or is there a problem with pc. Any help would be great!!!!

  skidzy 16:04 09 Feb 2006

Have you tried AVG from Grisoft as your anti virus.......Works well with zonealarm,always best to uninstall any other unwanted Av before installing a new av...And install when offline.Once downloaded,press save and load from the the docs,received files ..etc

  hargranules 16:09 09 Feb 2006

Can try AVG just thought it strange that two lots of av wouldn't load. Had taken off other av's before installing new one and installed offline.

Just thought there might be a wider issue that i was missing.

  skidzy 16:14 09 Feb 2006

You may be right ..lets try Avg and go from there,the other guys may be able to help better than me,But il try and help if you like.
Do you have all the required microsoft updates ?

  hargranules 16:17 09 Feb 2006

I think i have updates my problem is their pc is on dial up and everything takes so long i try to put things on cd and take there.

But i will check updates when i go back.

  skidzy 16:26 09 Feb 2006

Good luck with the updates..Dial up.....You are in for a session then !....To me sounds like your av is conflicting with something,Once all updates are installed it may fix a bug.Have tried searching the forums on Mcafee.

  Gongoozler 16:38 09 Feb 2006

This kind of activity is often caused by a virus disabling the antivirus software. A clean reinstall is often the easiest way to deal with it.

  hargranules 17:41 09 Feb 2006

<This kind of activity is often caused by a virus disabling the antivirus software. A clean reinstall is often the easiest way to deal with it.>

I have just done an xp upgrade and cleaned up some viruses before that would that not fix any problems.

  Gongoozler 19:14 09 Feb 2006

It would be reasonable to hope that all problems would be fixed, but I recently debugged a computer for a friend. The computer had AVG installed and updated, but in the startup menu I found an item called antiav which I thought looked suspicious, and on investigation I cofirmed that this was an antivirus disabler click here.

  hargranules 20:29 09 Feb 2006

Thanks for that i will have a look for the registry entries.

Hopefully it is just bad luck and AVG will install.

  hargranules 13:11 10 Feb 2006

I have found a file named csrss.exe in my windows sysytem 32 folder. Do you think this is the trojan antiav virus?

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