Anti virus potection for 2 pc's

  Sparky 77777 12:36 08 Oct 2003

I currentl have 2 pc's at home which are networked via a NIC and cable. As one PC can only access the internet, e-mail etc through the other, would I need to get anti virus software for both PC's or just the one accessing the net directly

  Jester2K II 12:56 08 Oct 2003

I would get it for both.

click here - free for home use.

  soy 13:08 08 Oct 2003

Viruses don't just come from the internet. They may be lurking on floppies and CD-Roms as well. So you can still get viruses on your second PC.

Best to get anitivirus for both PCs!

  Southernboy 13:45 08 Oct 2003

Interesting. Would you install anti-virus in a non internet PC to protect against viruses from discs?

If so, what about up-dates?

  mark e 13:53 08 Oct 2003

updates can be downloaded from the web and installed on the pc

  Jester2K II 13:53 08 Oct 2003

I would.

Updates - difficult. If you have one connected to the net and one not, updates can be transfered by cd or floppy.

Sophos click here use to do monthly CDs with updates that would be posted but i think thats stopped.

Maybe update could be downloaded by a friend or internet cafe?

  Southernboy 16:07 10 Oct 2003

I would be happy to install CD updates from the original software company, but would not be happy in installing floppies from Internet Cafes or other unknown sources. The few people I know who have a PC are little short of reckless in what they install/download, so it isn't worth the risk.

Perhaps it would be best just to buy Anti-Virus software each year on the basis that one gets updates that way?

  Jester2K II 16:12 10 Oct 2003

I think you'll find all AV companies now do AV updates via download.

I think i misunderstood what you meant.

If you have PC A connected to the net - you'll download updates that way.

If PC B is not connected just transfer the updates from PC A to PC B via floppy or CD or your Network connection.

Can't see what the problem is with downloading via Internet Cafe though. You'll be no more at risk that surfing at home. As long as you use a good one there'll be no problem.

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