Anti Virus and malware protection for Android / Ice Cream Sandwich

  john bunyan 17:07 18 Dec 2012

My granddaughter had a iPod touch stolen (Would you believe whilst at Oxford University for a 3 day admission interview). She is (I am paying!!) replacing it with a 7" Samsung Galaxy Tablet 2. She will use it both as a MP3 and, with a Keyboard dock, to do essays at school to send via Cloud, e mail or Dropbox? to her heavier laptop. I have bought, but not yet opened or installed, Norton Tablet Security. Her laptop uses free MSE along with SAS. Any hints or tips on a) Anti virus (maybe freebies) b) Anti Malware c) I think she can compose essays etc in the Samsung built in format then either e mail them to her PC and open them in Word 2007 - is this oK and is free dropbox suitable? A free version of Cloud Knowhow is included. The Tablet is coming in a day or two.Finally I think there is an App to use iTunes on the Tablet. Any advice on the above items would be appreciated.

  nickf 00:07 19 Dec 2012

All news items I have read ref Android seem to point to malware being the main problem . If your granddaughter only downloads apps from google play , she should be pretty safe . I personally wont use Android , as too many apps ask or take permission for stuff they don't need . ie contact lists . Perhaps a good idea would be to get her to read the advise pages on security , as a bit of knowledge combined with some common sensce will avoid many of the pitfalls .

  muddypaws 09:55 19 Dec 2012

I have put AVG free on my Nexus from the store. Whether it is OK or not I wait and see.

  rdave13 10:09 19 Dec 2012

There's this freebie but I haven't used it.

  Woolwell 11:14 19 Dec 2012

There was a very similar thread a few days ago

Suggest you look at the solutions suggested there plus Prey.

Free dropbox should be fine.

Personally I wouldn't want to compose essays on a 7" tablet and would prefer something larger.

  john bunyan 17:42 19 Dec 2012

Thanks to all, esp Woolwell. The problem re essays is that her laptop is heavy to commute with on the train journey and longish walk to school. She will do "homework" essays at home on that(Recently submitted her 4000 word extended essay as part of IB course). Sometimes she stays at school after hours to use the library so will make limited use of the tablet for that purpose.

  Woolwell 18:52 19 Dec 2012

Have you considered a 10" tablet?

  john bunyan 19:50 19 Dec 2012

Woolwell. Yes but the original thought was to replace an iPod. I will talk to her again!

  Woolwell 20:10 19 Dec 2012

If replacing an iPod (music in iTunes, etc) then have you considered and iPad Mini plus buying the Pages app? Music should transfer ok.

  john bunyan 22:40 19 Dec 2012


There is an App for the Samsung that translates / imports iTunes. I Pad mini expensive for now - the Samsung was about £150 plus £22 of a 32 gig mini SD card. I am thinking of the 10" Samsung for my wife.

For now she (granddaughter) is happy - will re visit the issue if and when she passes to go to Uni -she has offers from 4 ; Kings London, UCL, Exeter and Royal Holloway, awaiting result of Oxford interview but only about 25% get offers and the interview is hard to get. Thanks again for your help.PS It came with Norton Tablet Security at a reduced price - similar to others in the other thread.

  Woolwell 23:22 19 Dec 2012

All very good colleges - trust that she does well.

The Samsung is a good tablet. I've "played" with one. She will need a google account if she does not already have one.

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