Anti Virus ~ How often should I run a Scan?

  wee eddie 12:25 21 Nov 2009

I am happy with the Anti Virus that I currently run which the latest version of AVG(9), it is set to update it's Virus Signatures and run a Full System Scan, every day.

Is this really appropriate?

Would a "Weekly" Scan be OK?

  Pamy 12:29 21 Nov 2009

If you can do a daily scan then thats what I would do

  johndrew 12:34 21 Nov 2009

A lot depends on what you do with your browsing. If you only go to `safe` sites (see click here it`s free) then less often is probably good enough. I usualy scan around once a week.

  mooly 12:35 21 Nov 2009

Does AVG work in real time ? or is it just an "on demand" application.

If it runs in real time scanning all files, internet pages etc as you use your PC then a daily scan should not be required.

  mfletch 13:16 21 Nov 2009

AVG scans in real-time so everything is being scanned as you use it eg/ downloads/opening emais/ etc

But I would recommend you use MBAM {free version} to do a manual scan every week after updating it,

The two AVG for real time protection and MBAM for on demand scanning ghoul be plenty.

MBAM/ Malwarebytes/ Antimalware click here

  sunnystaines 13:58 21 Nov 2009

are you not able to set it to run when the pc is idle, that way you get a scan each day and it does not slow the pc during the scan

  wee eddie 14:39 21 Nov 2009

for longer than it takes to run the scan.

My C Drive stores roughly 112GB of info, in about 190,000 Files. The full Scan takes, just over, 2 hours.

If I scanned less frequently, the PC would be turned on for less time.

p.s. I also have, and run bi-weekly, CCleaner, Malwearbytes and Spybot (including Teatimer - which actually does a good job even though many find it intrusive), with monthly Defrags.

  Clapton is God 15:59 21 Nov 2009

I think the issue here is how often you've set AVG to update its AV signatures.

You say yours is set to daily.

I have Avast and it's set to every 4 hours. I always get an update at that frequency and sometimes in between as well.

  birdface 16:29 21 Nov 2009

You can set it to run a scan and power down the computer when it is finished.

  wee eddie 04:11 22 Nov 2009

AVG9 Free.

As far as I can find, I only have the option to set Signature Updates for once a day and I can find no way of automatically turning off the PC after the Scan has finished.

Maybe I should move to Avast.

  birdface 09:33 22 Nov 2009

Go to scan my computer.Scan whole computer.
underneath click on change scan settings.
Additional scan settings.
Tick shut down computer on scan completion.
Then start the scan.

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