Anti virus and firewall software

  ARTY DAN 09:59 23 May 2003

I am connected to Telewest blueyonder dial up
I have been looking at Mcafee virus scan version 7 and Norton Anti Virus 2003 there are more features on the Norton Anti Virus is it worth paying the extra money for these or should I go for the Mcafee?.
I am on the internet for long periods am I an easy taget of hackers? do I need a firewall?,
I got a full version of Mcafee Firewall 3.0 free
with PC First Aid, should I purchase the latest version? or will I be all right with version three. I would appreciate a response thank you.

  Belatucadrus 10:27 23 May 2003

Most here will suggest use of one of the free Anti virus packages Avast4 click here and AVG click here are popular. The Anti virus with the best track record on Virus bulletin tests is Nod32 click here .
The general opinion is that dial up users probably don't need a firewall, but as there are so many good free ones available like Kerio2 click here , ZoneAlarm click here and Sygate click here why take the chance. I would rate all the current freeware firewalls as better than Mcafee.

  dazzling (work) 10:28 23 May 2003

try AVG anti virus 6 free at click here and sygate personel firewall free at click here darren.

  DieSse 10:29 23 May 2003

You should get the best AV software, not the one with "most features" - checking viruses is what it's all about - and giving you the smallest overhead to do so.

On both counts, this click here has the best record of any AV ptogram testsed, at the independant Virus Bulletin click here

There are many good "free for personal use" firewalls - I use Sygate Personal click here as i've found it to cause no interference with my system, unlike the others I tried.

  expertec 10:47 23 May 2003
  MartinT-B 11:02 23 May 2003

I have a free firewall, but choose to pay for my AV. I have Norton System Works Pro 2003 (~£50.00) that includes a lot of utilities as well as NAV.

NAV scans out-going as well as in-coming mails.

  terminus 11:23 23 May 2003

Both Norton; and Mcafee are excellent products,
however many members in here, myself included have had problems running this software.

This may be down to the individual's not installing it correctly or whatever?

All of the above recommendations will give you're PC a good level of security. Without a lot of the hassle

So we're not all a bunch of meanies going for the cheapest options.

I would recommend leaving the Spy ware programs alone for a while, if your not used to your PC yet!
They can be somewhat temperamental.

  The Spires 11:26 23 May 2003

I use NOD32 click here, & I must say it knocks the pants off everything else on the market as regards scanning speed, less that four minutes to do all my drives including compressed files, compare that to Norton. (My total drive size is 160 gig, 60 used), it has the best detection record on the market, it installs in moments & is easily removable, (unlike some) it is small, less that 6 meg installer.

I was quite sceptical when DieSse first pointed the product out but now I recommend it.

Another small pay for AV product is F-Prot for Windows, this doesnt take over your entire system either, friendly helpful staff, it's worth every penny. click here.

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