Anti virus and a firewall.......??

  Tim1964 00:23 16 Sep 2003

Tonight I sorted out my neighbours Packard Bell PC which has been running for 9 months with NO AV, NO Firewall and NO Spyware killer.

AVG, Zonealarm and Adaware found....

277 pieces of spyware
6 virii (viruses)
2 Dialers
and a Trojan Horse.

No wonder he said it was running slowly!!!

P.S His son has been using Kazaa, but I'm sure that wasn't causing the probs. ;-)

  Kitz E Kat 08:48 16 Sep 2003

Quite amazing!!!!!

I've had 3 computers with no protection either, im amazed at how lax people are in this regard, still they seem to get by!!!!!!!

I found a couple of viruses, but that has to be some sort of record!!!

And they wonder, how did that happen!!!!

Kitz E Kat

  Peverelli 10:29 16 Sep 2003

My brother had 605 items of spyware found after I installed AdAware for him. Having to tick each one before removing got slightly monotonous after a while (couldn't find a 'select all' option). Coincidentally, his son used kazaa too. Fortunately AVG was installed, (and even updated!)so no viruses.

Computer retailers could do more to alert novices of the dangers of viruses. Even though it may be in the news quite often, many people new to computing are unaware of the problem.

  Jester2K II 11:50 16 Sep 2003

Right click the list and you get the options to Select All or Select All of certain types...

  Giant68 11:55 16 Sep 2003

Got a call from a friend of a friend a while back, his kids PC wouldn't boot. Went round and discovered that his kids had been downloading from kazaa with no AV and they had picked up 276 virii. I wasn't sure whether to fix it or phone the Guinness Book of Records!!!

Giant 68

  alcudia 12:25 16 Sep 2003

Extract from a letter from an engineer in last month's edition of a popular PC magazine.

"Someone recently brought in a PC for repair because it was unstable, When scanned the results revealed 28,628 different viruses"

Might be a misprint though, but I have double-checked the number.

  Jester2K II 12:28 16 Sep 2003

they had picked up 276 virii


revealed 28,628 different viruses

Infected files maybe - not different viruses surely...

  alcudia 12:33 16 Sep 2003

That's what I thought, but it's there in black and white.
That's why I thought it was a misquote. As you say, probably files not viruses.

  t.long 12:46 16 Sep 2003

And I though the 128 bits of spywhere and 8 virus I found on my borthers computer was a lot. It is bizzare that in this day and age few computer retailers bother to bundle firewall, and anti virus software et cetera. Baring in mind they can all be obtained from the net for free the cost of including them on a CD seems negledgable. Still have the problem I find - with antivirus - is people not upgrading them.

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