anti virus on each networked pc?

  LEXIELOU 19:01 14 Sep 2004

Hello everybody

Do I need to put antivirus software on each pc networked together via a router to the internet?
If so does it have to be the same software?
Thanks in advance!

  Jeffers22 19:07 14 Sep 2004

For maximum protection - yes put AV on each PC, especially if they all access the net. A router will not perform AV scans.

No they do not have to be the same flavour, but it would simplify updates if one download could be applied to all three PCs. And AV is not much good if it is not kept up to date!

  LEXIELOU 19:14 14 Sep 2004

Thanks jeffers22
Yes that makes sense! So for instance, if one pc has Norton Antivirus (paid subscription) would the others have to purchase a Norton subscription as well?

  Jeffers22 19:26 14 Sep 2004

As the licence is for a single PC the by the book answer is yes. Norton do do a corporate multi user or site licence, so to be strictly legal you would either have to purchase one of these (or an additional two copies of personal). If you do not want to spend the money, you could opt for one PC with the paid for Norton AV and put a freebie like AVG (also pretty good) on the others. It's two downloads to update three PCs but at least you haven't spent any more money.

  igk 20:08 14 Sep 2004

Hi, Can I just add (to Jeffers22's excellent advice) that although your router will have a firewall its my experience that the settings are pretty much "all or nothing" so you should have a firewall on each pc,I use zone alarm on all 3 of my networked pcs with broadband no problems at all.hope this helps.

  Jeffers22 20:15 14 Sep 2004

The point about the firewall contained within a router is that it only offers "incoming" protection. There is no outgoing protection at all. So igk is spot on if you want to be certain something nasty that has got on to a PC can't "phone home" or let someone outside in by a back door.

Personally, I'm not too worried and got rid of Zone Alarm when I got BB behind a router. I'm pretty confident that my security policy will keep the nasties from getting in in the first place. Different proposition if other people are using PCs on the network. Then I might be more tempted, after all I cannot control what they let in - no matter how good a security policy I have personally.

  igk 20:19 14 Sep 2004

Completely agree there,one of the pc's on my home network is used by my teststerone charged 17 year old!! so zone alarm is a must!

  igk 20:20 14 Sep 2004

Completely agree there,one of the pc's on my home network is used by my testosterone charged 17 year old!! so zone alarm is a must!

  LEXIELOU 20:53 14 Sep 2004

thank you again, so I'll maybe put a zone alarm firewall on them all, cos there is a curious teenager in the house,,,,shall I disable the windows default firewall or will they sit happily together?

  igk 14:17 15 Sep 2004

You should disable the windows firewall as it does not check for any outgoing nasties trying to phone home!but download zone alarm (free version)
click here
first then disconnect from the internet,disable windows firewall then instal zone alarm,it is very easy to use as there is a tutorial to help set it up.hope this helps.

  Jeffers22 19:16 15 Sep 2004

igk is spot on with the order you should follow.

Please note that SP2 turns the windows firewall on by default - but despite improvements, it still does not do any outbound blocking and as such should be consigned to the bin.

The only son I have still at home is 24, but the same comment applies! (two have married and gone!)

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